Isla's 8th Month


Oh to be a parent. I'd like to say that it's easy, that it's all playtime and giggles. That every photo you see is a window into my perfect life. Yes, I am happy, I do have fairly well behaved kids, and a good strong marriage but our lives are far from perfect. When you look past the smiles and beautiful photos shared, parenthood is so much more. We have good days and bad and on this particular, for Isla, she was not the friendliest.

This little "Bear" as she has been affectionately nicknamed was not up for a photo shoot. She did NOT want to be in her crib and she did NOT like me taking away the card we kept placing before her feet. I had envisioned this shoot going as well as the last. So many smiles and coos but Isla had different plans.

Jedidiah and I had considered trying again another day, this was turning into a complete wash. I certainly don't want Isla to grow to hate the camera every time I bring it out. But I realized I loved her tears and her truth at this age, so I decided to capture this grouchy moment, as it was, on her 8th month marker. We tried to keep the card from her, so I could save it, perfectly intact but in the end I decided to let her chew on it. The memories from this warped and drool stained card will now carry far more meaning to us.

 Isla is officially 8 months old. My sweet bear is growing fast! Each day she loses that young newborn look. *insert motherly sobs and tears* At 8 months, Isla is very alert. She listens to the sounds around her, even sounds in the other room, she turns to. She does the funniest little flutter with her eyes that brings us all to tears every time we see it. Our passing dogs make her giggle, she has a particular interest in Buffy (our boston terrier). Isla has finally learned to sit up well and is starting to pull herself into a sitting position. She never stays still, like her parents, she is already an explorer. Isla is always rolling and finding things to get into. She isn't crawling yet but she does this wiggle that I can only describe as floor swimming. I know it's only a matter of time before she catches on.

Isla reaches for us now when we come to her (I love that so much!). She loves to put her hands on my mouth when I rock her to sleep. I feel so incredibly blessed to have this bear of mine, tears and all. God is so good!

Photo details:
Crib: Bratt Decor
Outfit: Vintage
Hair bow: Handmade by me
Cards: Lostmy.Name c/o

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

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