I been working hard to get this blog fully functional. I've collected some questions you've asked and will keep updating this as more things are inquired. Want to know something more? I'm a pretty open book ask away!

That type of camera/lens do you use? I use a Canon 70D. My most used lens is my 50mm 1.2, but I also use a 85mm 1.4

Where do you live? Colorado Springs, Colorado

You mention flying often, how are you able to fly so much? My husband, Jedidiah, works for SkyWest so we fly for free or well mostly free. If we fly first class it costs a bit extra and we do fly first when ever we can (I've become terribly spoiled).

Do you color your hair yourself or professionally? I color it myself. I could never find the time to go in monthly for touch ups. Plus it's just more affordable this way.

What hair color do you use? I use a mix of two colors. The ratio varies depending on my length. I use Revlon ColorSilk Bright Auburn (45) and a dash of Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Light Red (160). I'm a frugal gal especially when it takes about 2 and sometimes a bit extra boxes to color my hair.

How do you keep your hair looking so vibrant through out the month? If you're going to have red hair or any colorful hair color its important to accept the best way to preserve the color is not washing it as much. I only wash my hair about twice a week. My hair doesn't get very oily and thanks to dry shampoo you'd never know it wasn't washed! I also use Jerome Russell Punky Color Dye in Flame and Fire mixed into a conditioner bottle. It's a wonderful way to give my hair a punch of color without the damage.

UPDATE! Lately I've been using Overtone Conditioner in Extreme Orange. This stuff is a dream for keeping hair fresh and vibrant longer. Plus it claims you can wash your hair in hot water... I'm new to using it but so far so good! Because I use it over my Auburn hair color it doesn't make my hair straight orange, rather it punches up the color to something richer. My color stays pretty strong till it's time to color my roots again. Next I'm going to give their weekly treatment a try even though I've been using my current one only about once a week anyhoo. BTW this stuff is chalked full of organic goodness and smells amazing, it smells like a blend of rosemary, mint, and perhaps a small note of citrus?

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