Isla's 7th Month Photos


{This is from March} Let me begin by saying I had hoped to share these at the beginning of the month, shortly after capturing them. I had hoped to be more on top of things by now, but I'm still learning to manage my time and juggle my new daily routine. I had hoped to start chipping away at my yearly goals, better than I have been. But I'm not perfect and I'm definitely NOT a what you would call organized by normal standards. My house is always clean and I'm always cooking new, from scratch recipes, for my family. I've even been working on more crafts, I've missed that so much. But it's also a toss between getting dressed, photos, editing, and getting my social game on or it's tackling daily life. I've yet to reach that perfect middle. How do other's do this? Tell me your secrets! I must know!

But all broken records aside with rants from a busy mom, it truly has been one of those months. And while it's been intense at times, I'm grateful for the family I have, their support, and the strength I have had to push through it. My month has been full of errands, doctors appointments, prepping and planning a craft for a very large group of moms, sick kids, and just daily life. The most recent adventure took us to the ER after Isla took a tumble off a table at the chiropractor's office. Wow was that scary! It was an innocent mistake and one that parents make all the time. My husband set Isla on the table to clear her things out of her car seat. Isla as the roly poly she is, rolled right off the table. Jedidiah caught her just before crashing full force. Although he broke her fall she still caught a bit of the blow to her nose. It bled and she screamed. 

 After many hours in the ER she was give the all clear. Her poor nose scabbed and eventually she was left with a red mark, that she still has today. It make her look like a character from Whoville. Ah the adventures in parenting. I wouldn't change a thing. I love being a mom.

On an happier note, look who got their first two teeth! So adorable! 

Photo Details:
Hair Bow: Handmade by me!
Outfit: Target
Memory Cards: Lostmy.Name c/o

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

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