Retro Modern with eShakti


Have you ever tried to get something done but no matter how many times you tried to work on it, something, everything got in your way? I feel like that has been the theme to my life lately. A series of unfinished projects & chores, unwashed hair, errands (so many errands) and all the commitments that come with the holiday rush.

Since having Isla, I'm still trying to balance 3 kids, a child I watch daily, and still have a life for myself. Isla is actually an easy baby for the most part but often wants to be held standing up. Yep we are in that stage. It's actually quite comical despite the frustration. I sit down she starts to cry so I stand up and she is calm. This pattern will repeat over and over if I fight it. We are confident she is in the early stages of teething and needs extra comfort. I'm actually holding her right now, thankfully she is asleep or I wouldn't be able to type. I will point out that typing with one hand is no fun.

Not long ago, eShakti contacted me to do a review on their clothing. I own a couple of their dresses and am excited to finally collaborate with them. If you haven't heard of their company, they are a unique online store that specializes in custom fit clothing. It's actually quite genius! Most dresses can be altered to your personal taste, adjusting their length, sleeve and bust style. They also will sew their dresses to fit your body perfectly. Although I did alter the length on this dress (I prefer my dresses just above my knees) I regret that I didn't get a custom fit to my body this time. After having a baby I don't exactly know what my new measurements are and for the life of me I couldn't find my measuring tape... You can see this dress was a bit large on me in the waist but I can alter that later. I love how comfortable this dress is. It's a mid weight cotton stretch fabric that is fantastic for winter.

 I chose this particular dress because it has a button up bust, perfect for breastfeeding. There is also a banded backing making it adjust so nicely after eating a full meal. I'm all about wearing clothing that is both stylish and practical. What I find most impressive about their site, is how quickly their turn around is for custom items.

 You might have noticed that my backgrounds changed. I wasn't quite sure I liked the first location and decided to change to another. I ultimately liked the first. Haha Thank goodness my husband (for the most part) is a patient man.

Oh and can we take a minute to appreciate these pincurls (sponge curls that is)?! I have naturally curly/frizzy hair which makes brushing pincurls difficult. It is such a struggle to tame this hair into a reasonable acceptable style but I'll consider this day a win. In person and online everyone asked if I had cut it. The answer is no, my hair just holds pincurls very tight despite these being quite a large roller.

Because I am so behind, I have a ton of photos to go through. I know, I know,  I sound like a very broken record but eventually I will move past this loop I'm stuck in.

Outfit Details:
Dress: eShakti
Brooch: SheIn (Old)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (ModCloth, similar)

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Red and Navy Floral Maxi Dress, My New Best Friend!


I've had some crazy unreal expectations as to what I should look like after having a baby. I was so positive I'd be skipping around in my before clothes that after a few weeks post baby I got kind of depressed. I wish I could say that I've grown into my new motherly body (again). That I have embraced my loose skin and thicker thighs but I'm just not quite there. And likely never will be. I'm extremely hard on myself most days, determined to look my very best. It's a flaw that's been drilled into me since I was a young kid. With that in mind, it's something I've worked leaps and bounds for my daughters NOT to be like. To love their bodies and themselves just as they are and yet here I am, not listening to what I preach. I know I can't be just as I was before. It's only been 3 months and I rarely have time to exercise. I'm sure by now you're rolling your eyes (like most people do), thinking I'm crazy. That I don't look like I've had a baby but it's not how I feel in person. Plus the constant reminder that nothing in my closet fits me weighs me down.

Whew! I'm a fairly open book except for this, I don't usually share my character flaws with others online but here is one of mine and it's a big one. It's often said that we are our own worse enemy or critic and for me that couldn't be more true. I don't usually get really serious about topics on here. I like to keep it light, no drama, and fun. However I was inspired to touch on a subject that hits close to home for me. Have you ever wanted to discuss a topic online only to shy away from it? I'll admit I've started writing this many times only to change it and talk about something else.

Perhaps this topic isn't such a big deal to some but with so many aggressive people online expressing how important positive body image is, it can be intimidating to be anything but. How does this tie into this outfit post? Well despite my struggle to find my confidence again, Pink Blush Maternity clothing truly makes me feel beautiful getting out in public. Their clothing is wonderfully comfortable and flattering. Whether you're pregnant, nursing, or just an everyday woman, their clothing works. Like I've mentioned online, no their clothing isn't quite my style. I prefer a more vintage look but when you're a nursing mama in need of functionality and style, Pink Blush Maternity has you covered!

A while back I was contacted by Pink Blush Maternity to do a review/collaboration them. I will stress that my opinions are my own and I will NOT be swayed one way or another by free merchandise. With that in mind I actually really love their clothing. Before contacting me, I had already purchased from them a couple times while pregnant. Now nursing I appreciate their clothing even more.

The dress I'm styling is currently not available on their site. It seems shortly after I received it it became unavailable. However this style is in MANY different prints as well as shorter lengths. I love how stretchy this dress is. It makes getting it on easy with no worrying about that dreaded pop sound so many of my other dresses presently make. It's slinky and I often find myself swishing this dress from side to side like a little kids because who doesn't love doing that?! It is very long and at my 5'6.6" height it just barely floats above the ground in flats. Honestly I kind of like it that way.

Even with my postpartum tummy and fuller thighs, this style and pattern seems to hide the flaws that bother me perfectly. I do find that this particular dress does run a bit big compared to their other styles that seem a bit smaller. I had to pin the side to keep my bra from showing because I'm not a busty woman. In the future I plan to size down.

Thanks for listen to my craziness today! I have many posts to share in the future! I'm also looking for a few guest speakers. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while but never got around to. If you're interested in writing a post on my blog, please message me! It would be wonderful, while I go through the motions of being a new mom all over again, to keep my blog more active. I'm open to a variety of topics and I'd be thrilled to swap, doing a guest post for you too or just advertise for your guest post.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Pink Blush Maternity c/o (similar here, here, and here)
Cardigan: Modcloth
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (ModCloth) old pair, similar here and here

Anyhoo till next time xoxo!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Halloween 2016


Hopefully you aren't tired of seeing Halloween photos yet. I know, this was so last week but I'm not a "by deadline" kind of gal. I'd like to be but let's get real, I'm a total procrastinator and this has been a crazy week! I'm pretty sure I say this every post. Anyhoo, the above photo is of Chloie. She chose to be a doll this year. Because I was running behind, getting myself and Piper dressed (GASP!), Chloie did her own makeup. I'm pretty proud of her efforts. She isn't allowed to wear a lot of makeup daily so I love how she put this together.

Piper was a white wolf. She's been begging me for years to be one but I've always put it off wanting her to do the cutsie stuff. This year we went for it. I didn't make her full costume because seriously I've had my hands full learning to adapt to 3 children. Her hood was from Spirit Hoods but we got it new on Ebay for cheaper! The tail was from Amazon. The skirt, leg & arm cuffs I did make. She was so proud to wear this costume (she's still wearing the hood). If you've ever had a conversation long enough with Piper, you'd learn she is part wolf and works for a secret underground agency. She is trained in all sorts of skills that help her fight crime. She's been building this story for many years.

I wish I had gotten more photos of Chloie but her friends were with us and you know how that goes. It was also rapidly getting dark, I had very little time to capture our costumes. We took these in my front yard.

As for our costumes, I had wanted to be something different this year but I knew I'd be biting off more than I could chew so we did the same costume as last year. I bought Isla a brown teddy bear bunting suit and made it into a Scooby costume. She was sooo cute, it was well worth all the hand sewing. The only thing I didn't get to was the ears. Oh well. The above photo cracks me up! I love this family of mine.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We have so much candy, it's going to be challenging getting back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. So many chocolaty sweets! Plus my birthday, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas are just around the corner. I hope my will power stays strong!

More coming soon!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Candy Corn Isla


I'm really pleased with how this shoot came out. Isla is so darn cute, I just can't! I've been wanting to start a small photography business with a focus on infants. This wiggle worm is the perfect model. Those baby blues are so intense! I keep saying this but seriously we've really lucked out with all this wonderful warm weather. Because of that I was able to take her outside on my withered deck.

This little girl, who was 11 weeks, (now 12 weeks) has discovered her tongue. It just cracks me up seeing her stick it out. Half her shoot was her showing off that pointy tongue. I think that's what is so exciting about infant photography, you never know what you will get. Even in the moment when you have a vision on how things will turn out, it's usually completely different. I had wanted to swaddle Isla's arms but she is a wiggly one and doesn't like to be pinned down. Being outside helped a great deal. She just looked up at the sky and anything that moved into her view.

This shoot was inspired by the many versions I found on Pinterest. I wanted something fall themed and this idea grabbed me the most. We bought a 13 pound bag of candy corn from Sam's and let me tell you, it was sooooo hard not to crack open that bag before this shoot! My brother made a point to tell me that although these photos were adorable, it was such a shame to waste so much candy. I think it was well worth it for this cutie. Plus we totally kept all the candy in the basket. Our dogs eagerly made an effort to steal the rest.

Does anyone have any tips for getting sharper images on blogger? It's my one peeve about sharing photos on here. Sharp on the computer and fuzzy on this blog. I've tried using .png and setting blogger not to alter my images but they still blur a bit... Anyhoo, more photos to come soon! Xoxo!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

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