What I Wore: Red, White, & Gingham


It's been terribly gloomy and rainy throughout most of this week. We haven't been able to get out as much as we usually do. Oh how torturous it is to see those of you with sunny photos of warmer places! I've been spending most of my days inside, trying to pass the time till the rain lets up... and snow. Seriously Colorado? Its May... At night I've been dabbling with things like sponge curlers and different ways to get volume without sleeping on fully damp hair. My hair has the tendency to produce very tight curls when I sleep on wet pin curls or rollers. It makes styling impossible! Although that could be because I'm completely unskilled at the art of styling hair.

On this particular shoot I had mostly successfully (not sure that's correct grammar but it's staying) curled my hair with sponge curlers and was extremely excited to get out and snap a few photos before it rained. I admire ladies who have the skills to pin curl or style their hair in general. I always feel so lost when it comes to hair. I've sported the same style for more years than I care to admit. But I'm working on that. Thus is the reason why I was so excited for this shoot! These heatless curls need work but I think they have promise.

As luck would have it most of these photos were a wash. My eyes were closed or I have didn't smile enough and looked like I was sporting a bitch face (even though I was perfectly happy). Humm, I wonder if this is what my hubby sees when I'm cross. Haha! I will have to remember that in the future.

Is there a particular method you like to use to curl your hair? I have been cursed with thinning frizzy hair that no longer curls as it once did when I was younger. Motherhood probably had something to do with that. I go to great lengths to make my hair fuller. I honestly dread washing it. It involves blow drying out the kinks and lazy curls. Then only lightly straightening my ends and top part of my hair to maintain it's fullness. Lastly curling it with either a styling wand or sponge curlers. Sometimes I'm too lazy to curl it though. It takes up sooo much of my day.

How delightful is this dress!? I'm completely in love with gingham and newly with sweetheart cut dresses. I've recently realized that I wear a TON of red and blue. It's become my go to colors. Not sure when that happened but I seriously have to remind myself that I don't need a dozed red shoes. Unless they're on sale! LOL! Sorry I didn't have a ton to say today. I hope you're having a wonderful week!
Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth (Similar)
Cardigan: ModCloth (Or this one)
Shoes: Forever21 (or Similar)
Take Care & Enjoy,
♥Heather Gwinn

Chloie's Blacklight Birthday Party


I can't believe my little girl just turned 15! We don't have to do the math on how old that makes me. In truth I had her very young. This year Chloie wanted to have another slumber party since last year she had such a blast. I'll admit the idea of a bunch of girls screaming and running a muck around my house wasn't my first choice. But honestly she has some wonderful friends so I can't complain. After going some rounds with her on themes I suggested she do a blacklight party. It's been quite the task but well worth the effort.
I didn't realize it at the time but Chloie pointed out, "Mom, all my gifts from you and Dad are Asian themed!" She was totally thrilled. Her favorite gift was probably her Ouran High School Host Club tee. We're pretty fond of that anime and quote it often. Piper made her that hat out of tissue paper. As you can see our kiddos are total goofballs from head to toe. I know my photos of me always look elegant and serious, and while I am almost always dressed up we're a pretty dorky bunch of people.

That's the look of sugar absorbing through her skin. She's over the moon with excitement! Chloie cracks me up!

I didn't have time to make a cake this year. I usually make one but with all the work I did in the basement I had to just buy one at the last minute. Chloie LOVES chocolate, me not so much but this cake was surprisingly moist and wonderfully delicious!

I just have to note that every photo I took of Piper looked like this! LOL! She was so happy to be a part of her sister's party.

I regret that I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have like to of our basement. I got a cold at the end of Chloie's party and it slowed me down. However since we bought a lot of reusable things we plan to do the same theme for Piper later this year. Piper, of course is ecstatic about that. I'll be sure to take more photos later this year and improve on my blacklight photography. It's quite challenging photographing in a nearly dark room. There aren't a lot of tutorials on the subject. Many that are out there didn't work for me. A tripod is a MUST! Any motion, while it can look cool, will leave a ghostly blur.

We had a lot of fun decorating the basement. The whole family got in on the hands. Sadly I got a bit carried away with the splatter painting and while we did have drop cloths laid out, it did get everywhere in places. Thankfully we fully intend to replace the carpet sometime in the future. It's not in the best condition. I made the large streamers from hula hoops, paper, and streamers.

The girls had a wonderful time and Chloie tells me that they are still talking about her party at school. This was definitely the best birthday yet! If you are interested in what we used, most of the things can be found at the Dollar Tree, Party City, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. (<---though I will note I dislike that store) You'd be surprised the things you thought would be blacklight reactive that weren't and vice versa. I took the suggestion from another site and bought a small blacklight flashlight and carried it around with me when I went shopping. What a time saver!

Take Care & Enjoy,

What I Wore: Plaid & Rusty Reds


Hello! Ahh it's been so long since I last posted and while I'm silently cursing myself for breaking my goal of blogging more this year, it simply couldn't be helped. It has truly been one of those when it rains it pours sort of times around here. I laugh now because when disaster strikes I anxiously wait for the other shoe to drop, or in our case shoes! But life has been good to me so I can't complain. This past month I've had to put our wood flooring on hold in preparation for my mothers visit from Oklahoma. Whenever company comes I love to clean my house from top to bottom, EVERY square inch. Of course if you've ever been to my house it's never really dirty minus my always piling mountain of laundry (I really dislike laundry). So with family coming I decided it was probably a good idea to take a few days off from the ever distracting social media. I will avoid going into details online but my visit with my mom was regrettably terrible and left an awful scar that I'm still hurt over.

It left me mentally spent and in no mood to interact with anyone so I spent a week being a hermit watching anime and Korean dramas. I know I'm such a nerd! I'll probably be an 80 year old woman still watching cartoons and cheesy shows. As the weather got warmer we started using our sprinklers. My husband proudly cheered that this year everything seemed to be working well and that he was happy not to have to work on them again for the third year in a row. No sooner did he say that did a leak spring causing a pipe burst in our basement guestroom! Thankfully we caught it right away with little water damage. Unfortunately we had to tear out a wall. Then due to a complication we had to go two days without water. It was only two days but when you have a family of four who all use the restroom... well it can get stinky. :-/ We went through a lot of bottled water and I will say I'm extremely thankful to live in a house with 4 toilets!

Is it weird that I'm talking about this instead of my outfit? I usually bring my outfit somewhere into the conversation but since it's been so long since I last posted I wanted to catch up those who have emailed me with concern. In between that time our microwave and slow cooker both kicked the bucket. Now financially spent I'm praying our dryer hangs in there just a while longer. So, as many of you have asked, how am I doing? I am doing great! A part of me wants to grumble about NEVER getting ahead but I have waaaay to much to be thankful for, so forward I go. Next up, Chloie's 15th Birthday (Insert ghostly faced emoji)!

Things to come: Accutane updates; due to a corrupt memory card I lost all my capture 365 that I had been saving along with Accutane updates, I will just continue from this point on. The plus side, I'm on my 2nd to last month. Woohoo!

Hair Scarf: Poe Poe'  | Eye Glasses: Bonlook | Cardigan: ModCloth | Dress: Fleet Collection | Belt: ModCloth (Similar) Tights: Forever 21 | Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Similar)

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥

Accutane: Month 3 Review


Ahh I can not tell you how happy I am to have another month under my belt! It is such a good feeling to know I am that much closer to being done with this life altering medication. This month has certainly been much easier than the last two. My headaches have drastically slowed down, making day to day life so much more bearable. I cannot say whether that is because my preventative headache medicine is finally working as it should or I've gotten adjusted to the new lower dose at 20mgs.

So what have I noticed this month?

- Fewer to no headaches
- The continuance of lesser and lesser breakouts

- Still have extremely dry eyes
- Terribly dry and peeling lips
- Dry Hair
- Dare I say other lady areas are also becoming quite dry! EEK!
- I'm starting to see my acne scars more prominently
- My under eye area is so thin
- Dry nose, constant scabs/ bleeds in nose

Well as you can see the cons seem to out weigh the pros. There are days I question whether this is worth all the cons but I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself this is only temporary. Things will improve and only get better. 

I never noticed how terrible my acne scaring was until this month. I knew I had some deep pores that needed some correcting and pigment problems but I never realized the depth of my skin issues, pun intended! I've yet to talk to my dermatologist this month but from what I've learned thus far I can guess the reason I can see my scars so well is because my skin has become quite thin. It's especially bad around my chin. I hope I can fix this in the future. I can't tell you enough how much it bugs me. It's weird seeing your face change so much in such a short amount of time, I haven't had a lot time to adjust.

When I first looked into accutane I didn't find a lot of informative blogs sharing about their experiences. Most of the information I found was in chat forms about experiences that where hard to believe because there was no story to follow. Or if there were their photos were terrible, mostly consisting of web cam picts. I would like these post to help others who might be considering some form of Accutane. If there is any questions I can help answer please don't hesitate to ask.

As I mentioned above, there are several drying cons. Living in Colorado, the weather is already very dry and in the winter it's even dryer. Despite winter being the dryest time of the year, I've actually picked the best time to do accutane. Your skin is more likely to get burned and even get skin cancer while on this medication. Then add the fact that I am 6,035 feet above sea level and that much closer to the sun... well that really raises the odds. I believe my doc said I had a 40% higher chance. No thank you! The reason winter is better is because we cover our skin more. I'm greatly hoping to be finished before summer is in full gear. *fingers crossed*

Last time I mentioned I was going to share a bit about my current skin routine. I'm really limited as to what I can use. Most of it is really heavy and while I'm sure it's great for wrinkles and night use (which I love) day time isn't as great.
 All of the following products were recommended by my dermatologist except #6 which was recommended by my optometrist. With the exception of #7 they are all over the counter products that you can find anywhere from Walgreens, Target, to Walmart and everywhere in between.

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - I've been using this skin cleaner for years. It's wonderfully mild, smooth (Like lotion), and NEVER feels irritating on the skin. It's so mild you can even leave a thin layer on. I don't but it says you can. It's even mild enough for baby. I love how soft my skin feels after using it.

2. Vaniply Ointment: Skin Protectant / Dry Skin - My dermatologist gave me a wonderfully large goody bag full of samples to try. So many that honestly if I wanted, I wouldn't need to purchase a single product through the whole duration of this medication. But eventually you find faves... anyhoo, she suggested I use this under and around my eyes. Unlike some of the other ointments, this one is lighter and even works under makeup as long as you blend well.

3. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream / Sensitive Skin - I honestly bounce back and fourth with my all over face creams. It depends on how dry it is outside. This one is mild and light, one of my favorites. But as dry as my skin is, I have to sometimes apply it twice. However I prefer this over the heavier creams and ointments that feel very greasy on the skin

4. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion - As long as my skin isn't miserably dry, this is my general all over moisturizer. It's light, non greasy, and keeps my skin from feeling chapped for a time. I also love that it isn't heavily scented, just a nice faint shea butter and oats smell. When my skin is extremely chapped I use the ointment version of this lotion.

5. Aquaphor Healing Ointment - This is the one and only lip balm I prefer to use. I have a few others that I dabble with but this is the only one that gets the job done right. My lips are so chapped ALL THE TIME. I'm really bad about picking at them too. This ointment is wonderful for helping to keep me from being a shriveled raisin, well mostly. I've tried other lip balms but the waxy content of them builds up on your lips fast! When you're applying your lip balm about every 15 mins or so it gets gross.

6. Blink Gel Tears - These eye drops are like my lip balms, they're EVERYWHERE! Don't get the other kinds, they can irritate your eyes over time. These hydrate your eyes. They do a pretty good job too, sadly my eyes still hold a lot of redness/ irritation and as such I wear my glasses more often than I ever have.

7. EpiCeram - This is a cream my dermatologist prescribed to me for my dry skin. It basically helps create a barrier on your skin and alone it's nice but adding another lotion over it is like power charging your regular lotion. It's extremely good for those who have eczema.

I'm not a doctor so please be sure to ask your own dermatologist if you are unsure about any of these products. I've had people ask why I don't use natural products. I am always open to the idea of natural products, I still use my homemade natural soaps. I probably always will. Unfortunately when it comes to lotions and face creams I have terribly sensitive skin and I get irritates easily.

Sorry for the EXTREMELY long post! Oh but one more thing I forgot to add to the product pic above... I mentioned drying of a certain lady area. Accutane (claravis to be specific) is to blame. My gyno recommended a product called Refresh. Basically a inserted lotion. It works wonderfully and I completely recommend it! I had no irritation what so ever, this coming from a gal who is very sensitive to products. You can find this at Target.

Take Care,

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