Easter Isla


It's been a while since I last posted and while I plan to get into that long story, I don't plan to share that in today's post. Instead I'm keeping it simple since this holiday has quickly past and I wanted to share these photos while it was still somewhat relevant.

I can hardly believe how much this little girl has grown in just 20 months. Our Easter was a quiet one that we celebrated at home with the family. Although I love large get togethers with family and friends I've really come to enjoy the smaller gatherings, keeping things simple and laid back.

I was really excited to discover Isla's bunny ears still fit her from last year. She must have liked them too because she kept going to the mirror to point at them and shake here head back and forth. At 20 months Isla does NOT sit still very long. She is a busy bee with a curiosity for everything. I didn't have high expectations for this photo shoot but ultimately I think it turned out really well. While she didn't sit still for long on any given photo, she did seem entertained enough to keep going back to where we directed her.

See that little face above? That is the face of pure mischief! She is up to no good for sure lol!

It became increasingly challenging to keep Isla still long enough to capture a few good photos. She discovered the eggs we laid out had candy in them and we spent just as much time taking the candy from her (that she ran back and forth to give us) as I did trying to capture a photo of her. But when she realized she could eat it she was happy to sit still longer.

 I cannot get over how much she has changed in these two photos a year apart.

Well, that's all for this short and sweet little post. More to come with updates about what I've been up to for the last four months.

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather Gwinn

**As a reminder these photos are taken by me and you do not have my permission to use them without my expressed permission, thank you.

Halloween 2017: Harry Potter Themed



I'm so excited to share this year's Halloween photos. I'll start by saying this has got to be my most favorite Halloween ever! I've tried to coordinate costumes in the past but there was always someone who wanted to do their own thing. This year Piper begged to be Hermione Granger and I couldn't say no, she is at that perfect age to be her. This sweet girl was over the moon to be Hermione and wear her costume. I have no doubt she will wear this costume for dress-up all year.  

After that I thought how perfect would Chloie be, with all her crazy curls, to be Bellatrix! Of course their character is nothing alike but she totally looks the part. It took some convincing but I eventually won Chloie over.

 I decided to be Ginny, since by default my hair automatically made me a Weasley and also Ginny is awesome. The movies just don't give her enough credit.

That left Isla and Jedidiah. Jedidiah was my Harry Potter and we decided Isla would be warmest as Hedwig.

How stinkin cute is Isla as Hedwig?! She was like a little heater, warm and cozy under all those layers, which was a good thing since it was a cold Halloween (35 degrees). And how impressive is it to see EVERYONE looking right at the camera?! This almost never happens.

The photo above cracks me up! My husband isn't wild about being in front of the camera but he was a real sport with this photo shoot. My sister, Caitlyn, and her boyfriend Mitch also joined our Potter themed Halloween. Mitch was a perfect Draco!

 Some of my photos were a bit blurry and grainy but the sun was falling and we all took turns capturing photos. These were definitely more rushed than usual. All the same I hope you enjoyed this Harry Potter themed Halloween as much as we did.

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Isla's 1st Birthday Party Details - Woodland Theme


I can hardly believe Isla's first birthday has come and past. Her first year went by in such a blur. And now almost a month later she is walking and moving like never before.

I regret that I didn't get more photos of Isla's party, especially since we put some much work into it. But unfortunately, like so many things in life, this didn't go exactly as planned. On Friday, just two more days till Isla's party, Jedidiah cut his fingers with a chop saw while cutting the little wooden signs for the table. We spent the better part of that day in the Er and then recovering from stress. We did manage to get everything done and it was another wildly successful party but come the day of, I was exhausted. I'm thankful I remembered to capture these an hour before our guests came.

These aren't my best captured photos but I'll love looking back at them in the years to come. We decorated most of this party from left over baby shower items and things we made. The wooden slices came from Target, which was perfect because they were smooth and food ready. We found a piece of aspen and made a cupcake stand out of three of them.

I made the marshmallow mushroom stand by carving floral foam into the shape of the tin and hot gluing moss to the outside.

The background I made from coffee filters, hot glue, and a thick thread. It was very easy but time consuming. 

As an alternative to giving out candy and cheap toys I decided to offer a trail mix bar. My guest had fun adding what ever they wanted in take home paper bags. For the meal (I didn't photograph) we did a huge taco bar. Both were a big hit!

I look forward to future parties and decorating them. Hopefully no one will get injured next time. Sorry this was so rushed, I usually try to take more time for writing but Isla is mad and I need to get her to bed.

Till next time,

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Isla's First Birthday - Cake Smash!


It's been a long while since I last posted. A much needed break from blogging was exactly what I needed. Adjusting to three kids and having quite the adventurous summer didn't leave me with a lot of time to do anything else. There were even days/weeks when I didn't pick up my camera. *Gasp!* (Shocking, I know!) Each night I barely had enough energy to get Isla to bed before drifting to sleep myself. I have to really applaud those with more children.

Today I'm excited to share photos from Isla's first birthday. We did smash cakes with the other girls but this is the first cake we bough special and custom made. Chloie and Piper both did theirs in a high chair but for Isla, I thought, "Hey let's do this in her room because the lighting is great in there and I love her wall color paired with yellow!" These photos turned out great but it was extremely challenging to keep Isla in one spot. She is NOT one to stay still and is by far the most determined of our three girls.

At first Isla had no interest in sitting near her cake. She was much more interested in exploring her room. Her travel themed room seems to fit her character more and more each day. After showing Isla she could eat her cake she had a bit more interest but not nearly as much as her sisters did.

It took the entire family to wiggle, make funny sounds, and chase after Isla when she crawled off. In the photos below, Isla decided that getting frosting on her dresser was way more interesting than sitting in front of her cake.

I tried to photograph Isla a bit longer but she quickly decided we were finished. So alas we ended another photo shoot with her mad because we wouldn't let her wander free. Being one must be so hard. While she might not have enjoyed this as much as we did, I know someday she will love to look back on these early days.

I can't wait to share photos from Isla's first birthday party! I probably went wayyyy overboard! Lol! Check back soon, I'll probably post those in the next day or two.
Till then...

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather Gwinn

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