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Lately I've been a bit behind in posting on here. Sorry! Summer is usually a huge traveling time for the family. I still have tons of photos I'm working on and there is so much to edit. This adventure was from earlier in June. My little sister visits us every year and I do my best to make every summer full of activities and all around fun. This was no exception! We spent the day at the zoo followed by a trip to the park. If you are ever in Colorado Springs you should definitely take a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! It has expanded and improved so much over just the last 2 years. It's well worth the visit. I hope everyone is enjoying your summer!

Take Care & Enjoy.
Heather Gwinn

Photos by: Heather Gwinn

Fourth of July

Photo by: Caitlyn Libby

Photo by: Caitlyn Libby

This year we didn't have Chloie with us as she spent it with her grandma in California, so with Just Piper we tried to make it extra special. We were especially excited about this years Fourth of July because we were allowed to have fireworks again! Yea! With all the fires we've had the past two years I've gratefully welcomed a rather rainy summer. We went to Cripple Creek as we have in the past. They always put on a great show. I expected nothing less this year, only I would say this was the lousiest 4th yet! No children's activities, local booths, only beer and lousy food. *sigh* Even the fireworks were a bust, lasting a whopping 4-5 minutes. Thankfully we finished with a bang, enjoying a visit with close friends and our own fireworks that rivaled with the public show. On the plus side I learned how to photograph sparkler art! How cool is that!? How was your 4th? I hope it was wonderful and much grander than mine.

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather Gwinn

Photos by: Heather Gwinn except where noted

What I Wore: Fountain Creek Nature Center



I love this park! Well it's a nature center. I know I've mentioned it before but this place is just so beautiful. It's riddled with trails and places to wander. There is wild life all over from bull frogs, cranes, snakes, to deer! We like to stick mostly to the trees and shade but the more we explore the more lakes and ponds we discover! It's right off the highway but honestly if you weren't looking for it you would pass it by and never know this wonderful place was here. Which is probably a good thing, we mostly have the place to ourselves even though at any given time there are several cars parked. This is such a great place to have photo shoots too! I can see a lot of future picnics happening here. Does anyone have a favorite spot they like to explore? If you live in Colorado Springs, I'd be especially interested in hearing of other places to see!

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Manitou Springs


Last week was an insanely busy week. I'm not even sure how we survived it all. But somehow despite hosting a bridal shower, going to birthday parties, Easter, and family visiting we still managed to get away for an hour or two, just to enjoy the warm weather. When we don't have adventures planned we usually will take a quick trip over to Manitou Springs. I'm sure I've said it before but if you ever come to Colorado, be sure to stop in Manitou. It's a wonderful place to see the locals and enjoy the surrounding nature. My favorite shops are Goldminers Candy Shop & Maté Factor Café (they have the best iced peach mates! Yum!)

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