Friday Favorites: 3 - Valentine's Day Outfit (Planning Ahead)


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I've been eying this dress since it came out and although I have yet to get it cause of it's price (I can sometimes be frugal...sometimes...) it's one I'd love to snag up on the next coming sale. This would make such an adorable Valentine's Day Dress. It's fun and flirty and not your typical red colored dress that will be worn by everyone else. Although, I do think this would look fantastic with a red cardigan but since I already have it in red I thought I'd share this pink one instead. The shoes and belt finish this look perfectly. I love a good wedge and these appear to have a nice rating too. It's still a bit early I suppose to be talking about Valentine's Day but then again if you're ordering your outfit, it's probably a good idea to start planning that now. 

Can anyone else hardly believe this month is about over?! I feel in some ways that I'm still recovering and playing catchup from the holidays even though January is about finished. Geez! Hopefully the rest of the year won't be as fast.

More to come!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

Capture 365: Days 20-26


Day 20: 365: It was a crazy blizzard of a day Tuesday. On one of Jedidiah's slides down he cracked his sled. It was quit the comical site seeing him tumble and roll. Thankfully he wasn't hurt. More picts to come.

 Day 21: 365: I'd love to think Buffy was talking to me in this photo about how she'd like to go outside or that perhaps she might like to go for a walk this week but alas she was only yawning.

Day 22 of 365Earlier this week I shared about my desperate need to alter some hems. I started one but I regret to report it is STILL sitting there on my table waiting to be finished... I'm a bit nervous to snip into my skirt. I'm working up to it, this time it's not procrastination. I swear! lol!

Day 23 of 365: I'm a proud mama who's showered daily with love and TONS of artwork.

Day 24 of 365: Bits of my home. I don't photograph it often because it's still so empty even though I'm crazy about home decorating. I also realized after taking this photo that my table is terribly dusty! Eek, just seeing that makes me anxious cause I'm a crazy clean freak. lol!

Day 25 of 365: Local wanderings. Manitou Springs.

 Day 26 of 365: My old green kitchen lamp. My love for the color green knows no bounds!

I'm terribly late getting these photos out this week and I do apologize. Jedidiah is doing a lot of upgrades to the computer and it's made everything really sluggish. He's building a super computer and dividing everything into two computers. Yep he's my huge nerd! Things should hopefully be back to normal soon.

Take Care & Enjoy,

Abandoned Mines


We had a last minute decision to go for a snow drive through the mountains the other day. It probably wasn't the best idea, the sun was going down and in this area being so close to the mountains the sun seems to go down even faster. But eh, we didn't feel like sitting around at home so why not. Although I love my winter and snow I look forward to longer summer days when the sun is out till as late as 10pm, which really works with our lifestyle.
I wanted to go to Victor and wander around for a bit with my camera but in truth that wasn't a practical idea. I should have waited to go the next day, it was already 3:30 when we left. Above is an old mining train used to transport metals like gold through the pass in the mid 1800's.

I had wanted to climb the barbed wire fence to get a closer inside look but I suppose the world was against me that day. The days old snow that had piled up along the entire fence came past my knees. It was interesting trying to walk, keep my boots on, and hold a camera. It was very crunchy snow that you couldn't just walk through. Next time, perhaps.

A great many of the buildings in this area are difficult to go into due to being so terribly condemned. Most of them are barely standing and some have no flooring at all. Others are still in active mining sites and harder to get to. I'm still hunting for more, they're everywhere in Colorado. These are just really close by.

I'm really excited to discover one that I had overlooked in this area. There are so many up this way it's not hard to do. Sadly it was getting really late and the sun was already beginning to set. I decided at the very least I'd take a peak inside. This one had a lot more in it than others I've seen. But it was extremely dark and despite how my camera captured the images. I couldn't see very well except for right in front of windows and doorways. The large random holes in the floor wasn't exactly screaming explore me either. I've also learned that in mining areas (as with any condemned building but especially mining areas) EXTREME caution should be used. It's not uncommon to find gated holes in the ground that go thousands of feet down.

Although the upstairs did greatly grip my curiosity I decided to wrap it up. I could hardly see anything and this building isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I would like to mention that I don't at all encourage exploring abandon areas or buildings. But since I'm confident that this alone won't stop you, should you choose to throw caution into the wind, please be responsible and heed warning signs. Never go alone ( I NEVER do), always let others know where you are going and bring supplies in the event you get stuck over night. Don't get cocky and think that disasters won't ever happen to you. Because we do do a lot of exploring in the mountains and Colorado isn't the most forgiving terrain, we do keep a fully stocked emergency kit. Humm maybe I'll do a post on that soon. Would you be interested in that?

Take Care & Enjoy,

What I Wore: Mad for Plaid


It's occurred to me that I seem to have acquired quite a lot of plaid clothing lately. I went from not owning a stitch of plaid since I was in high school, maybe even middle school to a whole closet full! Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration. Jedidiah still has waaay more plaid than me, but still, I have a lot. Fleet Collection had an amazing sale over the holidays and they just kept having them so eventually I ended up owning their whole collection of these fabulous skirts for a whopping $13-24 depending on the coupons I had. I have to admit if they had more colors I'd own them all! I really need to work on my year goal of making my own skirts cause I'm confident I can make this style quite easily (I think). Then I could make them custom to my height. I love a more modest length but I prefer my skirts more at my knees or just above vs below.

Most of these picts were taken in front of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. And no, I'm far to chicken to stay the night there because while my hubby would be fast asleep sawing logs, I'd be wide awake letting my imagination get the best of me. I have been inside the hotel several times though. Awesome place. Creepy feeling but awesome. Anyhoo, I love sneaking away to Estes when ever we can. This is such a beautiful area. If you get a chance to visit Estes Park, definitely visit summer - October at the latest. The best time to visit is in August/September when the elk are out but you can still travel through the whole Rocky Mountain National Park.

Sadly, most of the photos I took of our very short trip did not turn out very well. It happens sometimes. I'm still a photographer in the making.  So I'll keep this post short. I have more local travel adventures and posts to come very soon!

Cardigan: ModCloth  Skirt: Fleet Collection (Limited Supply! But you can find the green skirt at: Hello Holiday) Top: ModCloth  Belt: ModCloth  Shoes: Chelsea Crew  Hair Clip: Lovely Muggle

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥

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