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Helloooo! I know I had promised to share my last set of photos from Costa Rica at the end of last week. I've been busy working on them in between several outside projects. I've also been organizing my photo files when I came across several photo shoots I've never edited. We did a ton of activities this summer, I just couldn't go through my photos fast enough. So many, like this one, got left behind. I decided to take a short break and edit these. I'm infamous for juggling way too many projects at once! I'll work on that.These really did turn out beautifully. This was when my little sister was visiting. It was such a sunny day I wasn't confident these photos would turn out. It was blindly bright with little shade!

This was a special day. We wanted to do something different with the girls and especially while Hailey was visiting. We made reservations to eat at the Melting Pot (the girls are always begging to go) but we needed to kill about 45 minutes so we headed over to a park just a couple of blocks up from the restaurant. They had no idea why they were dressed up or why we said they could only stay for a little bit... it was hard to get them to leave when it was time.

In the photo to the right - Me: "Hailey go stand next to the tree." Hailey races over to the tree and hugs it. "Oh uh, you don't have to hug the tree." Hailey continues to stand, eyes closed tight with a huge smile on her face and giggling. "Okay then, hug that tree!"

While we were at the park, Chloie asked if I would do a fashion shoot of her like the ones I do. She looked so lovely I couldn't pass up the chance. I decided now was a great time to take photos of all my lovely ladies. My sister was the hardest to photograph. She's an interesting character but eventually she warmed up for me. Piper however LOVES the camera and photo bombed a great many of my photos. She's famous for that, the little booger! LOL!

This day turned out beautifully. We spent waaay more money than anticipated but the girls had a blast and that was priceless.

All of Chloie's outfit was gifted to her for her birthday. I do know, however, they were all purchased on Amazon.

My Dress is from: Fleet Collection

More photos, fashion shoots, and tasty recipes coming soon!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. Absolutely gorgeous girls! Chloie really rocks the aqua coordinate thing :)

    1. Awe, thank you Kira! Chloie definitely rocks every color far better than myself!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't get over the cuteness! Sisters are so fun, aren't they? I can't help but see mini versions of you in their eyes! They're budding fashionistas!! =D

    1. Thank you! They do look a lot like I did as a kid, only much prettier! ♥ I'm afraid they both love fashion almost as much as I do, especially my oldest!

  3. U take very gorgeous photos! Loved this post

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! That's so nice to hear. ❤️


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