Costa Rica: Part 2 - Exploring


Hello Lovelies! Sorry for the delay in getting the second part out. I've recently picked up more hours babysitting and I'm still getting used to my new chaotic schedule. It's challenging to watch a nearly 2 year old from 8pm-6am (this being their "day" hours so no sleeping) and still get my kids dressed, to school, sleep, and up again before they are out. But I can't complain, I'm extremely grateful for the extra money plus the little girl is such a cutie.

Anyhoo, upon waking on our second day in Costa Rica we tried to sit down and map out all the things we really wanted to see while we were there. This lodge is nested right in a waterfall and nature reserve. Members get a free unlimited pass to the park. You could spend your whole time here and never actually need to leave the area. There is so much to do. In the photos above, the first is right next to a tiki lounge. We enjoyed a fruity mixed drink there nearly every day. The Costa Rican colada was my favorite! It was like a pina colada but with coffee in it! You can also swim in the water. It has both a heated and cool section. The second photo on the right is where you can also swim or fish for trout. Your trout can then be cooked for you over at the tiki lounge.

The park offers many hands on activities for guests to participate in. One of them is releasing new butterflies. This is done daily! How cool is that?! I thought the Blue Morpho was the most beautiful butterfly there, it's also the most common. You can see this large beauty flying all over the place. It was extremely hot and muggy in the butterfly garden so definitely overlook how sweaty I am! Jedidiah was more eager to see other things. This was purely for me but needless to say I don't like being that hot so we didn't stay any longer than the release.

Next we fed the toucans. I can't tell you enough how excited I was to do this! I may or may not have pushed myself through a group of kids just to be first to feed them. We had so much fun feeding them we went back the next day. They're messy birds and they did get my clothes dirty. I was amused by how picky they are, fishing through the mango to get to the avocado first. They seemed to like that best.

While most of the second day was spent wandering around the reserve, we did manage to find some enchanting trails. We didn't have a map when we came across our first trail and had paused with concern that we might get lost. But we threw caution into the wind and soon learned that all the trails eventually lead into each other. These paths are all stone paved and completely drenched in moss. Since we were the only people on the trails at the time I naturally had to take a quick outfit shoot. LOL! This place is the perfect backdrop for outfits! Of course I might by biased because I love the the outdoors, moss, and the color green.

 Well that's all for this post! I'll be sharing one more later this week with the remaining photos from our anniversary adventure!

Necklace: Happiness Boutique
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Rue 21

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. Um could this BE a more amazing backdrop?? Man! I am jealous! How beautiful - and those butterflies! They loved you. ;)

  2. Costa Rica looks amazing! What a stunning place. Love the outfit shots, that skirt is gorgeous, and the setting truly is dreamy.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

    1. Thank you so much! It truly was a dreamy setting. It makes me excited for our next big adventure!

  3. This place looks so magical! It is breathtaking! Good thing Caitlyn wasn't there for the butterflies...haha! It looks like Jed had a good time with the toucans. Glad to see some pictures of him enjoying the trip too! Excited for part three!

    1. The whole time I was in there all I could think of was Caitlyn! I'm sure she wouldn't find that amusing but the big sister in me totally did! I still plot future ways to surprise her with a box of live day! MUAHAHA! Yeah I tried to take photos of him too but he usually doesn't like being in front of the camera. :-/

  4. Wow, your schedule sounds crazy!! Good luck :) Beautiful photos! You look gorgeous. I have to admit...I'm afraid of butterflies (irrational fear) so I had to skim through that part really fast haha! You're braver to play with those...things...than I'll ever be haha! XO

    1. Thank you Lauren! You're not alone in your fear. My sister has the same fear and while I'm terrible guilty of finding it amusing, I can't judge. I have an ocean of ridiculous fears. That's probably thanks to growing up in the 80's, too many scary movies. These butterflies were still really sleepy and didn't move very much. Their wings were still crinkled. Now if they had been moths I might have been less inclined to hold them. Some of those buggers sting! Nope! But I guess I've held quite a few strange bugs so who knows!


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