Getting Past the Stitches


Hello lovely readers! It's been an interesting two weeks around here for me. We paid off our insurance deductible shortly after me being on accutane and with the year reaching it's end we've been taking full advantage of cheaper medical. Last week I got a large breakout on my cheek. If you follow me on Facebook you probably heard all about it. While that sounds trivial, after being on accutane for almost a year I was in complete panic! My mind was whirling with worry and the fear that this hellish medicine didn't take. I set up an appointment with my dermatologist and very briefly went over my concerns, I still have to go back before I get the final verdict. While I was there I expressed my concern about excessive hair loss. No woman should lose this much hair! It's just not normal. Of course whenever I share this with others, they look at me like I'm crazy but I'm just really good at making my hair fluffy. My doctor ended up doing a biopsy on my hair while I was there. I got two stitches and am now the unfortunate owner of another scar.

Since I wasn't scheduled for a long visit I didn't get a lot of answers. I did however learn I have an inflamed scalp that could be causing this, in addition to the loss brought from accutane, and some other issues. Next week I'll know for sure and how to proceed. Along with all that fun I also had surgery on my wrist. About four years ago I injured my wrist lifting bricks in our backyard. Curse you delicate wrists! As a result it made using my left hand difficult. Sometimes the pain would go away but it always returned, I often wore a brace. Earlier this year I started to see a lump under my wrist. It was really creepy but not cancerous! I'm happy to say it's since been removed and while it's no picnic using my hand (did I mention I'm left handed?) I'm feeling better. I was told some people heal quickly while others can take up to a year to recover. I'm not sure which I will be. I can use my hand but prolonged use sucks! Like typing, but I couldn't resist.

I'm sure I'm oversharing but eh, I'm kind of an open book so you either love it or you don't. These photos were taken right before my surgery. This is one of my favorite parks to walk around, I'm sure I've mentioned this before. It had been a while since we last visited, in the summer it can get pretty buggy. Actually this particular time we went there were grasshoppers everywhere! Not that they really bother me, I just didn't want to step on them. Eew! As luck would have it, one jumped right into my shoe!! These shoes don't just slide off. Instead I hopped around on one foot, shrieking, while I tried to take my buckle off. The grasshopper wiggled around in my shoe, it was really gross feeling. The family found it hilarious and if I had seen this happen to someone I might have found it funny too.

I asked Piper to sit with me in this last photo. She was really interested in her long grass strand and didn't pay much attention to the camera in front of her. Tickling her was fun but I nearly fell in the creek! Haha the photo was worth it though. 

Glasses: Firmoo
Earrings: Chicwish
Dress: Fleet Collection (Find their new shop here)
Shoes: ModCloth

Take Care & Enjoy!
♥ Heather


  1. Awww what a stressful experience for you! It sucks that the treatments for acne can be so harsh (if it is what is causing the scalp and hair loss trouble). I had awful acne as a teen and gave Pro Activ a shot only to find that I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide! It worked so well and then one day my eyes got super puffy and the skin on my eyelids got all dry and patchy and irritated! it was heartbreaking! I feel your pain. You'll get through it!

    Oh so that aside, I nominated your sassy self for a Liebster Award on my blog today. Check it out to read more about what it entails. It's fun! NoraFinds - BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today. Check it out to find out more about what it entails, etc. It can be fun to do!

    1. Geez how am I not getting notifications for comments anymore?! I'm so sorry about the late reply. I'm going to have to write google and see what's causing this issue.

      Anyhoo I tried ProActive for quite a while too. Unfortunately it didn't work for long. The peeling and irritation you mentioned is actually quite common with that product and most acne products. It's finding a balance that works with your skin. Your eyes especially are extremely tender to any abrasive cleaners and liquids. I currently use a retinoid to help keep acne away AND it doubles up as an anti wrinkle cream however I have to listen to my skin and use it in moderation or I will get red and peel.

      And WOW that is so sweet of you! I keep hearing about this award but I'm not 100% sure what it is. I'll definitely check out your blog for more info. Thank you! ♥


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