Costa Rica: Part 1 - First Impressions


Hello Lovelies! I recently celebrated my anniversary with my wonderful husband in Costa Rica. Like most of the things in our adventurous life, this was completely unplanned. We are not people who save dates or book things months in advance. Flying free, ie flying stand-by doesn't allow that even if we wanted to. To be perfectly honest I like that about our lives. Nothing concrete, flexible. I think that might be the Irish gypsy in me talking. The wanderlust is strong in this gal. I do however love checklists. Oh how I love writing out lists and checking things off! Ok back to our anniversary. We had been going rounds and rounds as to what to do this year. Last year we went to Portland. It was wonderful seeing the foggy ocean, busy city, and going to Astoria... I loved the movie Goonies growing up. But this year I've been really cold and I knew I NEEDED to be somewhere warm. Jedidiah had been hinting around to going somewhere warm for ages. I'm not usually a warm climate person, I don't care for being hot and maybe it's because I grew up around beaches, I don't care for the beach either (Thankfully Jedidiah doesn't either). I know I'm completely crazy! I threw around the idea to Jed that maybe we could go to Punta Canta. We would look things up, then would change our mind. I kept thinking maybe we will just save money and stay home this year... I really didn't want that but it was a week till the time Jed had taken time off and nothing was planned. Three days before we were set to do something I came across a Groupon for an enchanting place in Costa Rica. We immediately did a ton of research. It was perfect, too perfect! We decided to sleep on it. The next day I started talking Jed out of it, in truth I hate flying and that reality kicked in. But he said too late its done! We are going to Costa Rica!

A part of me panicked but a part of me was also excited and relieved that Jedidiah had made the decision for me. I never would have dreamed I'd be going to such an amazing place but it was actually happening. We lucked out and flew first class the last stretch of the flight and arrived around 11am. Customs was a breeze! I was pretty drowsy by the time we got our rental and starting driving so I slept through most of it. That's compliments to the many mixed drinks I had on the plane. Don't judge, I'm terrified of flying! When we arrived I started to feel more refreshed and alive. We were warmly greeted by the staff and given gifts! I cannot express enough how hospitable everyone was there. They took our bags and drove us over to our suite.

A young man showed us inside and shared a little about the room, then left. It took everything in me to keep from dropping my jaw to the floor. WOW! This place is everything! You see hotel photos and often they are not what you ultimately end up with. I hate saying it but I'm prissy when it comes to where I sleep. I have a horrible phobia of bed bugs! They're creepy people! This place far exceeded anything I have stayed in, including the Us and Canada. The room was over 800sq. It was their king deluxe suite and I completely recommend it over the standard, there is a huge difference.

The attention to detail and making it personable to you as a guest is astounding! From the moment you enter the room with your last name on the entrance, to the bathroom, to the welcome note printed just for you and why you came, ahhh so impressed. But I suppose you could argue I'm pretty easily amused. This bathroom, let me tell you it is hard to leave it! We had to remind ourselves every day that there is so much to do, we can't hide just in here... even though you totally could! It's huge, vaulted ceilings, live greenery everywhere, skylights, and waterfalls! Waterfalls! (Insert surprised emoji!!)

There were two waterfalls with mood lighting for at night.Next to the bath there was also an open shower that had another waterfall option. On both sides of the bath there were large stones with padded mats that you could lay on and look up at the greenery. A jungle within a jungle!

There was also a private shower that could easily fit four people in it... not that you would but in case you were wondering. The shower is the open door to the left. I'm really into being eco conscious whenever possible and this place has bits of that everywhere. Even a recycle bin! <<< See I'm easily amused! Although Jedidiah found it amusing that they shared info about water conservation and to consider it when you brushed your teeth when the room had two large spa bathes and two showers. HA!

The view from our private balcony was spectacular! It overlooked the whole nature reserve. This place is not quiet. There are no rolling ocean sounds here. Instead, it is full of chatter with the sounds of squawking toucans, humming birds buzzing by every few seconds, trees rustling, it was hypnotic. As such we slept with the screen door open every night.

I'll share more about our outings and adventures next time in Costa Rica: Part 2!

I've have so many people ask about our trip and different parts of it... I'll try to share as many pictures as I can. It's a ton to go through. I also have several clips that I'd like to make into a small video but I don't know a whole lot about editing videos. Does anyone have a good program they could recommend? Something good for splicing, adding/removing, maybe some editing options, and adding music.

Oh and please over look my terribly frizzy hair! Being in a jungle basically means any flat ironed or curled hair dies after about 2 hours. Me being naturally curly haired definitely didn't help my cause. Maybe next time I'll see how it would hold up to wet set pincurls!

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥


  1. Holy smokes! That is the most incredible hotel room I have ever seen! I would never leave! Haha. And how awesome are those views?? I love how spontaneously you guys planned this trip, too. :) Looking forward to your next post!

    Oh, and if you are interested in talking video editing, shoot me an email at I have started dabbling in video editing again myself, and it feels like I have tried every single video editing software there is! Depending on what kind of resolution you shot your video in, though, I honestly feel like Windows Movie Maker can do the basics just fine. Unless your video is shot in HD, 4K, etc..Movie Maker won't keep up. (especially if you want to keep the high res, it's a bit of a nightmare.)

    1. This trip was chalked full of scenic views! Everything was so green it almost looked staged. We are definitely spontaneous people, with everything. It's not always a good thing but it makes life interesting!

      As for video software, I think I'm shooting in HD. It's with my Canon 70D. It's supposed to be a really good movie camera but I only really use it for photos. Thanks for the offer!!! When I get around to editing it, I might shoot you an email. Have you shared any of your clips?

  2. This place look GORGEOUS! I would have never thought you guys would choose Costa Rica! I know you don't like hot. Haha. I don't either and I live in hot and humid. As for editing programs, I don't have much knowledge on the subject, but I used iMovie for some of my classes. I ended up buying Final Cut Pro because of one of my internships, but I don't think you'd exactly need unless you wanted to do more video stuff. It's somewhat pricey. I think you can download a week? month? trial of most video editing softwares. I know I did with Final Cut Pro and then ended up buying it.

    Excited to see part two!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions!! I didn't consider free trials only the overwhelming choices of which to choose. LOL! I will definitely check out Final Cut Pro... We seem to have the same taste in a lot of programs.

      Cant wait to see some of your photos from Portland!

  3. That looks like a totally luxurious retreat! I love the log cross-section rocker. Wow, wow, wow.

    1. It truly was. We really got a huge bang for our bucks thanks to Groupon. ♥♥♥

  4. WOW!!! My jaw would drop too! This place looks incredible! I cannot wait for part 2!!


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