Friday Favorites: 2, Home Decor


1. Cozy Shag Rug in Lime from: Target
2. Room 365™ Geometric Area Rug from: Target
3. Blue & Yellow Spiky Planter by: Pottery Lodge
4. Geometric Glass Terrarium by: Waen
5. 4040 Locust Metal Console from: Urban Outfitters
6. Assembly Home Media Console from: Urban Outfitters
7. I Have Loved You with an Everlasting by: BWPrints
8. 1956 Turquoise Royal Quiet DeLuxe Typewriter  by: Retroburgh
9. Vintage French Clock from: French Attic Finds
10. Colorful Triangles Woven Wall Hanging by: Hello Hydrangea

I love home decorating. The planning, the shopping, the crafting, all of it!  It's something I've always loved to do but this past year has been a tough year on our finances and so I put that aside. Slowly things are getting better and going back to normal. 2 years ago we were blessed and moved from a 1300 sq foot home to a 3000 sq foot home and since then it's been pretty bare. With the weather bitterly cold outside I've been busy crafting away with things to keep me busy. I love all the geometric shapes that are trending right now. I was never into the chevron pattern though. Above is my current loves and inspirations. My home is a burst of color that circles greens, blues, grays, whites, and I'm working on introducing bits of yellow. I used to be really into a Tim Burton meets Alice in wonderland like theme and although it will always be a nice memory, I've moved onto a more vintage mid century like style.

Goals for the winter:
-Make new throw pillows
-Finish my granny square throw blanket
-Paint an old corner shelf I've had FOVEVER!
-Make dog bed

Decorate the home some more!

I'm sure this list will grow. It always does and changes all the time. I fear I am overly inspired and take on too many projects at once. LOL! Do you have any projects you are working on? I'd love for you to share. Do you live in the springs, if so lets meet up and get crafty!

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥



  1. omg, I so wish I lived near! I feel like I would gain a wealth of knowledge on crafting! That's definitely a big move so I see how you would need lots more to decorate + do! Winter is the perfect time for doing it all...I'm gonna need you to keep my accountable for all my craft projects I've set aside to do lol. Can't wait to see all of yours!

    and I agree, the chevron pattern is so not that cute..I don't know why I don't like it but it seems a little too trendy for me. Geometrics, on the other hand, are great and timeless. Love the product board you put together!

    1. Me too! That would be so neat if we did! But you never know where life will take you. Hopefully to work for ModCloth or some other amazing company. *fingers crossed*

      It has definitely been a huge move for us! Haha I barely even go to our basement. It's fully finished but since its empty it's overran by my kiddos.

      What crafts do you have planned!? I'd love to know and then I can keep on you about it. I'm about to get some studio lighting so I have no excuse not to be better about photographing my tutorials.

  2. Thanks! Haha, yes I used to be very into a Tim Burton/ Alice In Wonderland theme. I still love painting in that sort of mood too. There is something about the odd and eerie I will always find so interesting. Not gory but just plain odd. But times have shifted my decor style and I'm pretty crazy about vintage decor especially mid century. I'm so happy you like my inspiration board! I hope to do more in the future. I've really been in a decor kick lately. Thanks for stopping by ♥ xoxo

  3. I cannot WAIT to have our own space (Even an apartment!) so that I can get decorating again. We're in a tough financial situation right now (I quit my job because it was really affecting my day-to-day life in a very bad way, so we can scrape by but absolutely no money for extras!) so I don't know if we'll live on our own for a while -- we're house sitting right now, and then we'll be going back to live in my parents' half-finished basement... but when we do get our own space again, I will be doing so many things to it! I think living without the ability to inject my own tastes has really shown me what I do and don't like!
    I LOVE that typewriter. So gorgeous.
    Eccentric Owl

    1. I can complete relate to what you are currently going through. Early on my husband and I lived on and off with my inlaws for about 2-3 yrs. We even lived in a crummy hotel for 6 months once. We had a really rough start and still struggle to find our footing. We've been incredibly blessed to have such giving inlaws who see us through it all. They've even given us the home we live in now, we just took over the payments. God is good and with faith he can see you through anything! That kinda went in a different direction but felt inspired to say it.

      I know what you mean though. Without a space, it really gives you an outside perspective on what you do and don't like. Even now I'm still finding what that is.


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