What I Wore: First Snow of the Year


Well it's officially winter is here in the springs! On Monday it went from a pleasant sunny and 70's degrees day to wildly brisk and windy to snow to 20 degrees in a matter of hours. Usually I'm the first to go skipping down the street shouting to everyone "It's snowing, it's snowing! Hurray!" But I dunno, this time I kinda felt unprepared. It happened so fast! There was no warning. No tiny frost or samples of a coming winter. I know I know, It's November, in Colorado, I should be anticipating this but some how that's how I felt. Farewell beautiful Autumn. You were by far the most beautiful season I've had in all the 9 years I've lived in Colorado. Not to mention the longest fall we've ever had. Okay moving on.

In truth, winter is my close second favorite season of the year to autumn. There is something truly enchanting about the way snow makes all the grime and clutter on the streets look beautiful.

Recently I've had several people bring up the topic of getting dolled up and going outside for photos shoots in the snow or discussing how crazy it is. I admit, I'm guilty of dressing up and doing the same. Everything looks so much prettier in the snow! Even my skin does. I wish this first snow shoot of the year had had a nicer background but unfortunately we had company and I only stole Jedidiah away for a quick second to take these. Do you retire your skirts and dresses in the winter? Do you stick mostly to pants? Although I do wear jeans more often, what you see is a completely normal daily outfit for me. I prefer autumn weather but I tolerate the cold very well. If  I stay home, well it's leggings and tees. haha.

Top: Forever21 (or Similar)  Cardigan: ModCloth  Skirt: ModCloth (Similar)  Tights: Forever21 (Similar or these)  Coat: Tulle (Similar or this)   Shoes: Target (Similar)

Take Care & Enjoy,

Has anyone else been having trouble with blurry uploads on blogger today? None of my other posts are like this but this one seems blurry till I click on each pic even though they are crisp and the same as previous photos. Are they blurry from your viewing side too? I'd also love to know what browser you use the most. I use Firefox but am finding Chrome is faster and all around better.


  1. Ok THANK YOU for saying pics are blurry... Why?! I was freaking out earlier trying to schedule a post because my pics were so weird looking. I probably use Chrome more than anything..I'm still one of those people who use internet explorer though for some stuff.

    You look so great! I agree, the winter does make everything pop (more snow, the better white background!)

    And I agree, we just had our first snow here today. No warning, I'm almost not ready to let go of autumn but it's time we all accept it's basically winter, haha.

    1. I'm glad you said that happened to you too! I must have re-edited this post a million times before I gave up! I still bothers me how fizzy it is. Did you ever have better luck?

      Thank you! It was a fun outfit to wear. Love my new top.

  2. Love this outfit on you! You look so lovely :) And the colour of that skirt is just fab!
    And I definitely don't retire skirts and dresses in the winter! It's very hard at times to wear them outside haha, but I just love my skirts & dresses too much. I'm sure at certain points this winter when it gets extremly cold, I'll have to break out the pants...but, I hate to!

    (I'm bristolelisabeth on Instagram) :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's certainly a challenge but layering with tights, girdles, and camis can make a world of difference. I love all your beautiful outfits too! So wonderfully colorful and vintage ♥


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