Mini Pot Revamp


I was at Target the other day getting a few things when I happened to pass the decor isle. For a while now I've been running with the idea of trying a few faux succulents in my home to see if they would look okay and not be too tacky. I'm starting to accept, I just don't have a ton of light of in my home and until I can demolition my house with more windows I have to work with what I have. ANYHOO rambling, I was in the Target isle and saw this lonely succulent plant sitting there asking me to rescue it. So for $3.50 I really couldn't argue!

This was a pretty plain gray pot before I started. It also had a strange texture and while I plan to seek out better faux succulents and pots in the future this was a good trial plant to start with.

This whole project is very quick, affordable, and can easily be something the kiddo can participate in.


- Small Pot (Succulent Optional)
- Paint Brushes
- Acrylic Paint (Dries Faster)
- Masking Tape
- Painting Tray (Old Plate/ Or Paper Plate)
- Water Cup for Paint
- Something to Cover Crafting Space
- Gloss Sealer (Optional)


- Make sure your crafting space is covered to keep paint from making a mess everywhere
- Give pot a quick wipe with damp cloth to make sure it's clean - allow to dry
- Paint your pot what ever color your want then allow it to fully dry.
- Then peel strips of tape and place into triangles on your pot, lightly press, then paint open area like shown above. You don't have to use Turtle Tape. It's just what I already had on hand. I love this stuff. It's pricy but you WILL get great results every time! Don't rush, do one section at a time and carefully peel the tape off when each area is dry. I finished my whole pot in about 1 1/2 hrs. Maybe a bit longer but I also had a daughter sitting right next to me drawing, who also loves to show me her pictures step by step in the making lol!

Lastly when you are done you can  paint or spray a glossy sealant over it. Like modpodge or an art spray. I had a glossy art spray on hand. This total project cost me $3.50

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. Ooh, I love the way this turned out! (I'm back reading after a week's absence while focusing on a few things that needed working out in life!) I love having plants around, but faux ones are probably the way for me, too. Not because I don't have good windows, but because I tend to just kill plants. Haha!
    Eccentric Owl

    1. I've gotten back into reading this past week. I put it off for a couple months and now with the cold weather here it's drawing me back. Glad you like these! I'm not usually into faux plants but I have to admit some of the succulent ones are pretty real looking. This one is a bit cheaper but I'm excited to try it on nicer ones.

  2. This is really cute, and it looks easy enough that even someone as fumble-fingered as I am could make one. I would kill any plant that spent more than a week in my care, but I definitely know a friend that would love something like this. Might make a great little Christmas present.

    1. I'm so glad that you like this post! You know you mentioned killing your plants but what's great about this one is its fake! No death to this succulent. I have a pretty green thumb but when it comes to succulents I kill them all eventually. And yes, they would make great and affordable gifts too! Xoxo

  3. This is very beautiful, I love what you've done with it.

  4. I have this succulent too! I may have to paint the pot now. Thanks for the idea!


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