Family Circus: Halloween 2018


Well hello there readers! It has truly been a while since I last posted and while I won't lament on the whys I will say that I've missed writing and sharing photos. So with that out of the way, I'm excited to share our Halloween photos!

It's been a crazy year in the Gwinn house and seriously it's been exhausting! Incredible and accomplishing but exhausting. This year I tried to keep our costumes simple. I made Isla's lion hat and her tail. I also sewed and pieced together my coat but the rest was pieced together (non handmade). I know, I know, not what I usually do but this mama need to dial back a bit. Next year, it's game on!

That aside we really did have fun with our costumes. I think I've finally gotten Jedidiah into dressing up. He really got into his part ! He even expressed what we could do next year! Yay!

Isla on the other hand wasn't entirely sure about dressing up (even though she loves to do so at home). She let me put her lion bonnet and tail on but she said nope to make up. She was also really sleepy and didn't feel up to me taking photos. I will report she got into it as the night went on and realized everyone was giving her candy. LOL! Go figure.

Jedidiah was a mime, Isla my little lion, I was the lion tamer / ringleader, Piper a tight rope walker, and Chloie a fortune teller.

My photos aren't my best but I forgot my tripod so we all took turns taking photos. It was also surprisingly cold this year and hard to keep our hands still. The weekend before Halloween we enjoyed summery days. Then *POOF* snow! It was frigid and completely unlike the typical dry cold we get. The moisture in the air made it feel at least 10 degrees colder! Okay I'm rambling but you get the point.

Isn't Piper lovely. Her favorite color is blue, so naturally everything in her life is blue too LOL! Poor girl was the coldest of us all but rest assured she wore a coat and was powered by sugar.

Well I hope everyone who participated had a wonderful Halloween. We certainly did. More to share soon!

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather Gwinn


  1. This is an awesome idea for family themed Halloween costumes! You guys look amazing!

  2. Your costumes and photos are incredible Heather. Thank you for sharing!


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