Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids - Halloween 2019


Wow, it has been some time since I last created a blog post. As much as I love sharing about our little lives, it seems as time goes on I just cant find a minute to sit down. Even now as I write this, it's 1:44am, that quiet time of the night when I can have a me moment.

As you might know, we LOVE Halloween! It's one of our favorite days of the year. I don't care for the spooky side of it. I'm personally not one for gore or scary costumes, but the imaginative side, creating a costume theme with my family, I absolutely love! This year was inspired by my youngest daughter, Isla, and her love for the little mermaid and really ALL things mermaid.

Chloie, my oldest is now a bit too old for the trick or treat part of Halloween. This was the first year she chose to stay home and hand out candy. I have to admit I've had a bit of a hard time accepting she isn't my little baby anymore but I do love the adult relationship we have, it's very Gilmore Girls. Okay okay, I'm getting mushy and off topic... Chloie did dress up some. I love what she did with her makeup. She went for a more modern hipster mermaid look.

Piper's absolute favorite color is blue BLUE BLUE, so naturally she went as a blue mermaid. I made her and Isla's necklaces from beads I found at the thrift store. I spent maybe a total of $5! Score! I also embellished a gymnastic top with pearls and sequins. I also made both their seashell hair clips.

It's cold this time of year in Colorado, especially this year. Just a few weeks before the weather was amazing and in the upper 70's. I honestly thought we might have a lovely Halloween too.... WRONG! It was like 35° with snow still on the ground. Thankfully I anticipated that and my lovely mermaids (and myself) were wearing SO. MANY. LAYERS!

I made Isla's top from a ballet leotard that I cut into a crop top and sewed. I bedazzled hers with jewels and pearls.Then embellished it further with draping pearls. She originally wanted red hair like Ariel but as I predicted, the night of, she wanted pink. *sigh* thankfully I bought several colors.

This year Jedidiah and I were supposed to dress up together as "Kiss the Girl" Ariel and Prince Eric but he got stuck out of town with a really difficult work project. I'll be honest I was really upset not having him home. This was our first Halloween apart in like the 20 years (don't do the math) that we've been together. I am thankful my brother came out with us. I'm not wild about walking around by myself at night.

My costume is simple but honestly I love it so much! I could definitely see myself wearing it again for a future Halloween or dare I say any random day! I didn't make any of my costume this year but I'll attach links below for where I got everything.

Chloie helped me take most of these photos. Without Jedidiah here to help, I was in a rush to get photos done before the sun went down and I couldn't find my tripod. So please excuse how fuzzy and cut off some of my photos are. I did my best to clean them up in Photoshop. Although honestly I think Chloie did pretty darn good!

Despite how crazy this day was, I think we all had a wonderful Halloween. Our costumes were a bit more basic this year but I love how they came together.

How was your Halloween? Do you celebrate it and if you do, did you dress up? I'd love to hear from you.

Mermaid Tails: Mystic Cove Mermaid
Cardigan: Mak Sweater
Skirt: Vintage Galeria
Crab Purse: Amazon
Top: Old (Le Bomb Shop)
Shoes: Old (ModCloth) can find on Amazon
Large Bow: Titas Hiding Place

Take Care & Enjoy!
♥ Heather Gwinn

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