Isla's First Birthday - Cake Smash!


It's been a long while since I last posted. A much needed break from blogging was exactly what I needed. Adjusting to three kids and having quite the adventurous summer didn't leave me with a lot of time to do anything else. There were even days/weeks when I didn't pick up my camera. *Gasp!* (Shocking, I know!) Each night I barely had enough energy to get Isla to bed before drifting to sleep myself. I have to really applaud those with more children.

Today I'm excited to share photos from Isla's first birthday. We did smash cakes with the other girls but this is the first cake we bough special and custom made. Chloie and Piper both did theirs in a high chair but for Isla, I thought, "Hey let's do this in her room because the lighting is great in there and I love her wall color paired with yellow!" These photos turned out great but it was extremely challenging to keep Isla in one spot. She is NOT one to stay still and is by far the most determined of our three girls.

At first Isla had no interest in sitting near her cake. She was much more interested in exploring her room. Her travel themed room seems to fit her character more and more each day. After showing Isla she could eat her cake she had a bit more interest but not nearly as much as her sisters did.

It took the entire family to wiggle, make funny sounds, and chase after Isla when she crawled off. In the photos below, Isla decided that getting frosting on her dresser was way more interesting than sitting in front of her cake.

I tried to photograph Isla a bit longer but she quickly decided we were finished. So alas we ended another photo shoot with her mad because we wouldn't let her wander free. Being one must be so hard. While she might not have enjoyed this as much as we did, I know someday she will love to look back on these early days.

I can't wait to share photos from Isla's first birthday party! I probably went wayyyy overboard! Lol! Check back soon, I'll probably post those in the next day or two.
Till then...

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather Gwinn

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