Isla's 1st Birthday Party Details - Woodland Theme


I can hardly believe Isla's first birthday has come and past. Her first year went by in such a blur. And now almost a month later she is walking and moving like never before.

I regret that I didn't get more photos of Isla's party, especially since we put some much work into it. But unfortunately, like so many things in life, this didn't go exactly as planned. On Friday, just two more days till Isla's party, Jedidiah cut his fingers with a chop saw while cutting the little wooden signs for the table. We spent the better part of that day in the Er and then recovering from stress. We did manage to get everything done and it was another wildly successful party but come the day of, I was exhausted. I'm thankful I remembered to capture these an hour before our guests came.

These aren't my best captured photos but I'll love looking back at them in the years to come. We decorated most of this party from left over baby shower items and things we made. The wooden slices came from Target, which was perfect because they were smooth and food ready. We found a piece of aspen and made a cupcake stand out of three of them.

I made the marshmallow mushroom stand by carving floral foam into the shape of the tin and hot gluing moss to the outside.

The background I made from coffee filters, hot glue, and a thick thread. It was very easy but time consuming. 

As an alternative to giving out candy and cheap toys I decided to offer a trail mix bar. My guest had fun adding what ever they wanted in take home paper bags. For the meal (I didn't photograph) we did a huge taco bar. Both were a big hit!

I look forward to future parties and decorating them. Hopefully no one will get injured next time. Sorry this was so rushed, I usually try to take more time for writing but Isla is mad and I need to get her to bed.

Till next time,

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather

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  1. OK can you come plan my next birthday party? I am adopting you as my mom now ;)


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