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Hello beautiful readers! I was recently contacted by Tabbisocks who asked if I might be interested in sampling their tights & socks. Not long before that I was introduced to them from another fabulous IG lady who wore them. I was completely smitten they asked me and immediately said YES. These are quality tights and socks and while I was provided with several pairs to try, I completely stand by that statement! The pairs I picked out are thick and seem to be built to last. I know I will get a lot of use out of these beauties this winter. FYI, they hold up beautifully in the wash.

This particular pair, Tyrolean Over the Knee Socks, comes in 4 different colors. I have the color bitter yellow. It's not exactly a yellow or mustard color. It does have a slight twinge of green to it. I tried to capture its hue but my camera had other plans on this very overcast autumn day. It's funny how warm my photos look against a fall background. I could adjust the photo temp but I love the warmth these give.

You can see another post with a fabulous pair of their knee high socks here.

As for this delightful dress, it's one of four that I own from ModCloth. This particular color is currently not available to purchase. I can't be sure if they will bring it back but they are constantly adding new colors. You can also find this dress in 7 other colors along with another two that have long sleeves.

Oh and I just have to share my glee about ModCloth sharing my photo on their Instagram account! Yea! That always makes my day.

Dress: ModCloth
Socks: c/o Tabbisocks
Shoes: ModCloth - Similar (by: Bait Footwear)
Earrings: Etsy

Take Care & Enjoy!
♥ Heather


  1. It makes me giddy when a company shares my photo on Instagram. MAKE IT RAIN, I'M FAMOUSSSS - if only for like an hour. ;)

    These tights are wicked cute - they look cozy too! I love that shade of yellow. I used to hate it but it goes with EVERYTHING. I have a cardigan that color and it's my most used cardigan. Haha!

  2. Those tights are stunning! Definitely going to have to check them out!

    Lee -

  3. Oh my goodness! This whole outfit is incredible! I love all the beautiful colors. I had just recently heard of Tabbisocks and it looks like they have some super fun prints! And how fantastic that they hold up in the wash really well. :) And I saw your photo on ModCloth's Instagram - congratulations! :)


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