Happy Halloween 2015


Hello lovely readers! Happy November!!! Well mostly happy, my birthday is in exactly 17 days and as usual I'm not thrilled for it. Good bye fleeting youth. Okay I'm mostly kidding...mostly.

Today I'm excited to share with you photos from this year's Halloween. As some of you may know, I love making homemade costumes! There is nothing more satisfying than wearing something you know no one else is wearing. However this year I was completely behind on getting started. I bought everything ahead of time but with our usual chaotic schedule I didn't actually start making anything till just two days before. Yep reigning queen of procrastination! I once was the craft coordinator for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. We had over 60 members. I was terrible about waiting till the day before to come up with a craft, get a sample ready, and do all the prep work. Somehow, by the grace of God, I always prevailed and with success! I think I work better with a fire lit under my arss.

This year Piper wanted to be a faerie. Naturally it had to be a blue faerie. Everything with Piper has to be blue, ALWAYS! I love that about her. I did a lot of surfing on Pinterest for inspiration. Some ideas I had planned on doing didn't pan out well but ultimately I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. I'm especially excited about her floral crown. I've never made one before but after reading a tutorial I quickly caught on. These are so much fun to make. I might have to make a few ton more! Her wings, were store bought. I wanted to make them but time didn't allow that...next time! Piper loved this costume so much she didn't want to take it off. She tried to bargain to keep her ears on for just one day of school. I wasn't agreeing to that so we compromised on allowing her to keep a few jewels on her face.

This year I didn't make Chloie's costume. I'd like to next year if she'll let me. Instead we went with a sort of Victorian harlequin, piecing together things we already had. It was really exciting finding pieces from previous costumes and reusing them in a different way.  The necklace was from her Renascence costume a few years back. She wore that same corset last year too, you can see it here. She looked fabulous for such a simple look. She loves wearing that corset.

 At the last moment I decided I wanted to dress up this year. Ever since I became a redhead I've always wanted to be Daphne for Halloween. I whipped up a scarf for myself and an ascot for Jedidiah. Boy did the girls love saying ascot. It made me think of Pee Wees Playhouse and the secret word of the day was "Ascot!" Every time I said it they screamed and giggled. Girls are so silly. I even researched how to tie one of those darn things! I think we must have looked pretty good because we had at least 4 people stop us to take photographs with us.

Our entire day turned out to be so wonderful! The weather was fantastic, making it easy to trick or treat for several hours after it got dark. I didn't even have to wear a coat! Tons of layers but no coat! That's pretty epic for around here.

 Gotta love this last shot! Just like Jedidiah to be goofy when I'm not looking. How was your Halloween? Did you dress up or do anything fun? I'd love to hear about it!

Cardigan: ModCloth
Dress: ModCloth
Stockings: Local costume shop
Shoes: ModCloth

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. Awwwwww! You and Jebidiah look perfect! Love that you see those color combinations and just know who you're dressed as! But most importantly, that first picture of Piper!? OMG! It's breath taking!! What a beauty in that fairy costume!

    1. Thank you so much! Piper can be quite photogenic when she isn't dancing around like the free spirit she is. LOL!

  2. Beautiful! I love the way all of your costumes turned out. There IS something so satisfying about making a costume or piecing together things in a creative way that no one else will. I didn't make my costume this year, but I had so much fun finding just the right items for it. I made a ton of my own costumes in college (or DIY'd them, I guess, since I still can't sew or anything)... as theatre majors, we had a LOT of themed parties, and Halloween was always an epic affair. I can't imagine just buying a ready-made costume in a bag from a store! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend <3

    xox Sammi

    1. Thank you, we did have a wonderful Halloween! I hope you did as well. Theatre major, how exciting! I can imaging you must have created a lot of imaginative costumes. I don't always sew our costumes, hot glue can be your best friend when you're pressed for time.

  3. Amazing costumes! I always love seeing that you come up with. I am so tempted to do a fairy like that for an upcoming medieval faire.

    1. Thank you!!! You definitely should! If you do I'd love to see what you create. Aradani Studios on Etsy makes some wonderful fairy/elf ears. I was also really impressed with how well their glue held them in place.


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