What I Wore: Jean Skirt & Red


Hello Friends! I've been away from the computer this past week visiting my mom in Owasso, Oklahoma. Minus a few phone appearances I've made an effort to focus most of my time with family. Sometimes it's important to set aside social media and enjoy your present company. Its been ages since I visited my mom at her house, at least 4-5 years. I usually convince her to come here. In truth I'm not the biggest fan of Oklahoma. It's one dull place...sorry, nothing personal to those who love the state. After living several years there I'm happy to move on to greener, more adventurous places!

But I can't be all negative about Oklahoma, two of the most wonderful, life changing things happened to me there. The first, I met the love of my life in Tulsa. My soul mate, my nerd man, and partner in adventure. The second, I had my first beautiful daughter there. My hokie pokie ookie!

Anyhoo because we drove about 11 hours to get there my visit was short but nice. The little town has greatly grown, I hardly recognize it. Thankfully things were the same, maybe slightly improved at my mom's home. We spent our days enjoying the over cast weather (still in the 90's) and took turns riding my mom's new motorcycle.  Do you visit your parents often? Are they close by? Although my mom and I butt heads from time to time I wish she lived closer so I could care for her more. Perhaps someday I'll convince her.

In this shoot I'm wearing a longer flared jean skirt. I've been wanting a jean skirt for ages and when I saw this one at forever 21 I snagged it right up. I was really surprised by all the negative reviews it got. Most complained about it being too wide, too long, or flaring out too much. I think paired with the right top this skirt is fantastic. It makes me want to try other jean styles. It's also a TON easier to match tops to compared to my printed skirts. I wouldn't usually wear a cami with this style top but it's so darn low on the sides that my bra shows and I find that kind of tacky. Perhaps if I had a nice lacy bandeau or cropped cami it would look better? In the future I'm hoping sew the arm holes smaller. It's a pretty wide top anyhoo. Xoxo!

What I Wore:
Eye Glasses: Bonlook
Cardigan: ModCloth
Button Up Top: Forever 21
Cami: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar, or this lovely plus size)
Shoes: Pinup Girl Clothing

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥


  1. Such a cute outfit and those shoes!

  2. I love this! I also love how the colors match your hair - awesome sauce right there!


    1. Thank you! I really love finding things that match my hair. Sadly it's hard to find red orangy color clothing.

  3. Very cute! It's funny, I saw the same skirt at f21 today and considered picking it up. I ended up going with something else, but seeing how good it looks on you I'm tempted to go back! I love the outfit that you put together. I think the cami looks pretty cute with this, although I could also see the bandeau idea working well too.

  4. First of all, you look gorgeous! I don't believe I had ever seen a jean midi skirt until now, but now I want one. Haha. And your shoes are adorable. Glad you were able to spend some time with your mom! My parents live in Wisconsin and I'm currently in NJ...but I'm fortunate that we're able to fly back every couple months to see them. I do agree with you on Oklahoma, that was one state I had a hard time with while we lived there. I think it's just because of the heat and the lack of outdoor activities you're able to do. I found myself quite bored, but there were a lot of places to eat! Haha. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Heather!


  5. What an adorable ensemble and you have beautiful hair!! Greetings from Italy :)

  6. These photos are amazingly cute. I love this whole outfit and it's always funny when something is reviewed poorly that you love. You're looking something fierce by the way, lady! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  7. A jean skirt? Somehow I never thought I'd see you in denim. You look fab as usual! :)

    It's nice that you took some time off social media, it's absolutely necessary in my books, but sometimes it's hard to disconnect.

    I'm happy to see you had a lovely time with your mom, you hadn't been there in 5 years? That's a long time! Does she come to see you often?

    I butt head with both of my parents a lot. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to take some distance lately. Unfortunately, it wasn't really by choice, I was kind of forced to, unintentionally. Let's just say that since having my first child, I discovered the real person behind my parents and I they just don't have values I feel comfortable with. I guess I always knew how they were but chose to ignore it, but it hit me like a rock after I became a mom. Makes me sad. Oh well. I'm learning to let go and move on as best I can.

  8. Oh nooooo :( I have been looking everywhere for something similar, even just white polka dots, but no luck :(


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