What I Wore: Sunday Dress


Hello there! How is your summer going? June is nearly over and I feel like here in Colorado summer has barely begun. With some days reaching into the 90's I feeling that great heat wave wash over me but it's shortly lived with all the rain that we've been having. It's another gloomy day today and inside my house it feels darker, even with every window open. I love my beautiful home but there are days I dream of a house with better sunlight and larger windows. If I live here long enough I may have to demo some walls.

In this shoot I'm wearing another lovely dress from Apricity. I can't say enough wonderful things about this beautiful dress. It's a bit different from what this designer has made in the past. There is no stretch to the fabric so when choosing a size, be confident! The bust was a little large but I have that trouble with a lot of dresses. Little chested me living in a large breasted world. That reminds me of a story from when I was in the 7th grade. *Insert Flashback Music*  I was in a store with my grandmother, I was looking at bras. I sighed and said "I cant wait till I'm 18 Gama." My grandmother looked over at me and said "What's so special about turning 18?" I replied "Well my mom said she didn't get her boobs till she was 18, so I can't wait till I'm 18 so I can get mine too!" My grandmother laughed in her sweet beautiful way and said "Oh she got them when she was 18 but you do know that your mom bought her boobs? They aren't real." My eyes widen, my mouth dropped. It was then that my whole world went crumbling down all around me. Hope gone! Of course now I'm content with myself, most days at least. We all have those moments of whoa.

  Anyhoo, back to this lovely dress. I've purchased this dress in Indigo. It also comes in Charcoal. Perhaps even more colors in the future! It's fully lined and quite comfortable to wear. The collar is my favorite detail, I hope to see more dresses created with collars. I'm such a sucker for them.

My outfit details are oldies but favorites. This belt is one of my first purchases from ModCloth, I now own several elastic belts. They've become quite the staple pieces to my wardrobe. Sadly this one is no longer available. The orange brooch I recently found at an antique mall. For $2 I couldn't pass it up! My lovely shoes are from Chelsea Crew. These shoes are so challenging! Tough to break, they often hurt my feet for ages before I wear them in. Only then they are extremely comfortable and well worth the effort. These have yet to come to that point and still annoy me to wear more than an hour or so. It doesn't help that I seem to be oddly between an 8 & 8 1/2. :-/

I found this alley by chance. We were looking for a place to take photos when I happen to see a colorful alley. What luck! At the time of day it was, the sun was terribly bright. Harsh lighting never did anyone any favors. This alley was nicely shaded with a beautifully painted background. The only drawback was the wind and the passing people who caught a glimpse of my flashing panties! The one day I didn't wear bicycle short! Geez!

What I Wore:
Eye Glasses: Zenni Optical
Dress: Apricity
Brooch: Vintage
Belt: ModCloth
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (ModCloth - Similar or These) (Different Color)

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather Gwinn


  1. What a cool alley!! Love the fun colours. This dress looks wonderful on you! And geez, what a bargain finding those shoes!

    1. Thank you Bristol! This dress is a dream, I really want the charcoal now!

  2. Super duper cute! These pictures look so fun and that dress is so neatly made.

    1. Thanks Kira! Despite the wind (which made for some fun photos!) this was such a fun shoot! I can't wait to find my next spot!

  3. This is my favorite photoset of you to date!! You look gorgeous and the photos are MORE than fun! XO
    -Lauren Blair

    1. Awe thanks Lauren! I love this one too! I'm really trying to find more interesting spots and improve those photography skills.

  4. Small chested girls unite! So many dresses fit me tight in the waist and loose in the chest - I definitely do not have a "curvy" figure :) That story about your mom is too funny! I was all hopeful because my mom told me she went up a bra size or two after she had kids, but I had the opposite experience.

  5. Yes! That's how most dresses fit me too, which is really frustrating since sizing up usually results in ridiculous upper proportions. After hearing the story about my mom I too thought maybe having kids would fill them out but they mostly stayed the same. It seems my oldest won't have that issue! LOL! Must skip a couple generations.


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