What I Wore: Hurray for Warm Weather!


Hello Lovelies! I've been a bit under the weather on and off this past week. Not so much with a cold but more feeling terribly drained, weak, and down right tired to the point that I've had absolutely no energy to do much of anything but rest. I tried several times to get on the computer to work but I never stayed on long before feeling sleepy and losing my focus. It was especially hard having Jedidiah out of town for the past 4 1/2 days. He always seems to go out of town at the worst possible times! I'm thankful to have him back.

On a brighter note, for now (and hopefully from now on), I'm feeling much better. These photos were taken about two weeks ago. I had hoped to have them up sooo much sooner. But I'm a work in progress so bare with me as I work out the kinks in making this a fantastic blog! Which by the way I'm so happy for the little group of followers that are reading along! Thank you!

Anyhoo, I'm off subject again, as I said, these photos were taken a few weeks back during one of the random bursts of warm weather we've been having lately. Hasn't that been so lovely?! There have been so many of them on and off this year. We try our best to get out whenever we can on these random warm days. It's sometimes hard because they usually fall on school days so by the time we get the kids, the sun is already setting. On this day we took the girls to our favorite wetland nature center. It's conveniently very close to our house. If you're ever interested in me taking your photos, I recommend this location.

We walk this park often and because the sun was starting to set we regrettably didn't stay as long as I would have liked. It's wonderful living so close to a large mountain range but the down side is that the sun seems to disappear much faster. It also gets cold the second the sun disappears. On the plus side, I finally got my darn 85mm back! Yea! I sent it out like 7 weeks ago to get cleaned due to some internal debris. I was promised 2 weeks max start to finish, boy were they waaay off and horribly rude. I'll learn to take names and be more assertive next time. With a full arsenal on hand it was fun shooting with a 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm, although after being spoiled with my L series lenses jumping back to my 85mm 1.4 just didn't seem to have the same punch as the other two do. An up grade is definitely in my future...just not my near future cause that lens is crazy expensive!

This girl and that stick. She dragged it through half the park before I finally said something is going to lose an eye! LOL!

I'm married to the dorkiest guy I know. I couldn't be luckier! I have dozens of "Where's Jedidiah" photos. Haha I should put together a collage of all these photos. It would be fun to see all the places he's popped up!

My beautiful curly haired girl. She was such a help offering to carry my camera bag so I could photography easier. I also wasn't wearing the most sensible shoes on this mostly muddy trail. This wasn't well thought out. Chloie can be intense but I'm so grateful for her constant help.

What I Wore:

Cardigan: Barracuda Bazaar | Dress: Fleet Collection (Or their Etsy Store) | Belt: ModCloth | Tights: Forever21 | Shoes: ModCloth (Chelsea Crew) | Earrings: ChicWish

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. We've all been there, those draining moments could be difficult. Sending you lots of lovely energy for whenever you need it.~<3~<3~<3
    I love the color combo in your outfit and the tiny heart detailing of the tights. As for warm weather, I live in Los Angeles, where the sun just doesn't understand the difference between winter and summer sometimes. -___- hahaha
    We should trade for a day since I'm a fan of cold weather.<3


    1. Thanks for sending me energy! I could certainly use it. Unfortunately for me, mine is more due to a side effect of medication which seems to be weakening my liver. But I'm staying positive and eating as healthy as in can.

      I'm from California. I haven't been to LA in ages but in layovers. I see it's been pretty pleasant that way minus a few showers. I love the snow and winter but I do miss being out more. Have you ever been to Colorado?

    2. It's good that you're taking care of your health the best you can. :)

      And I've never been to Colorado, but my husband has relatives there.

  2. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, and that your hubby is back to help you out while you're recuperating.
    Love these photos! That blue dress is gorgeous on you, and I love the red cardigan with it - one of my favorite color combos. And I'm a bit jealous of your curly girl's hair. I always wanted curls, and now I sometimes spend an hour or more getting them, so I hope she loves them too.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

    1. I love that color combo a lot too! And thank you! I love my daughter's curly hair! It makes me think of Keri Russel's. I've always loved her hair. Chloie struggles with hers and still is in a love hate relationship with it despite the fact that she gets stopped all the time and complimented on it. I would kill for such thick hair. My curls mostly died with having kids. Lol! So like you I spend hours creating the curls I once hated as a kid.

  3. Eheh, I used to drag sticks around too when I was little. It made me feel closer to the forest... that's weird. Forget I said that. Anyway, now I just drag my camera every where. It's so nice that it's starting to warm up where you're at. I wish I could say the same, but here, it's just getting colder! We hit -25C here yesterday. Ouch! I love going outside, but with that kind of weather, an 8mo and a 2yo, I don't go out much. Can't wait for spring!! Gosh I love the mixes of colors you do with your outfits. So inspiring! Oh- that reminds me, I have a question for you. How often do you have to touch up your hair color and is it expensive? I just got a haircut today (after 2 years... ouch!) and the hairdresser was talking to me about dies because I have so much white hair, but I've never died my hair and I was like... WHAT?!?! Every month?!?!? $40!?!? Hell no! I was wondering if it's like that for everyone. >.<

    1. That's cute Julie! I carry my camera around every too. It almost never leaves my side. We have gotten lots of warm days which is weird but it's still pretty cold. Probably not as cold as you though. It's suppose to snow again on Monday. Sometimes it snows as late as June!

      Thank you! I'm happy my outfits inspire! I love finding new combos to put together. As for hair, I think $40 is pretty reasonable. Especially if you kept some of your length. Depending on whether you color your hair your natural color or go extreme can depend on how often you color it. If you stick to your same natural hair color and it doesn't grow too fast, you won't have to necessarily color it every month. Or at the least go in every 6 weeks. Red hair is the hardest to maintain so for now I do my own. It's also cheaper. I color it about once a month like clockwork and give it color refreshers in between. Most normal colors won't need refreshers unless you wash your hair too often. As with any dye or hair in general. The less you can go without washing your hair the better off your hair is (my dermatologist would agree). If you choose to color your own hair, it's super easy and keeping up with the roots is even easier. Ive used my share of box dyes and although your hair dresser would be mad I love them! Try Revlon if you want to go super cheap. As cheap as $3 a box here but I think they are fantastic. Just note you may need two boxes. I do. Hope that helps. Let me know if you want to know more. I love talking about hair.


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