Capture 365: Days 27-33


Day 27/365: We are always trying new foods in our home, especially ones I can cook from scratch. A long while back I tried making eggplant. It was my first time tasting and cooking it. Boy was it terrible! But after spying some beautiful eggplants at the grocery store I couldn't resist giving them another try. I'm sooo very glad I did. These were a complete success. I made baked eggplant parmesan sliders. I regret I didn't get a photo of these finished delights. I'll try to get a recipe together soon.

Day 28/365: We do our best to get whenever the weather is nice during the winter. Wednesday it got into the mid 60's, it was such a treat to take the kids for a walk and of course do a small photo shoot. I just love how goofy Piper looks with her hair bunched in her glasses. She's so silly.

Day 29/365: Aww my bonsai is a bit bare right now. It was once full of leaves but lately it's been a bit sparse. It's my great hope it's finally taking a much needed rest. I've read bonsai plants are known to go dormant every year or two. I've had mine for 2 years so I think that's what's happening... I hope!

Day 30/365: This is where Chloie will spend 99.99% of her free time if allowed to do so. But in our home we're pretty strict on her spending too much time on her bed. Beds are for sleeping in. So often we encourage her to draw, read, or do an activity elsewhere. This photo was me capturing her hiding away... tisk tisk

Day 31/365: Oh hi there! Just me goofing around with my new 35mm 1.4 lens and how cool is my new shirt from Gnome Enterprises?! I absolutely love their tees. Amazing quality!

Day 31/365: Another lamp in my home. When I first moved in I had thought I would replace this guy but he's grown on me and now I can't picture not having it there.

Day 33/365: I can't picture my life without this beautiful soul. You better live to be 100 Gretta! (In people years...just saying)

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. What a lovely little glimpse into your life. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I was totally your daughter growing up - bed was just about my favorite place to be. It's great that you have rules about not spending too much time there, though, because that can really distort your sleeping habits. And your dog is so sweet! My dog was a boxer, and he passed a couple of years ago. They're such great dogs, they never outgrow the puppy silliness.

    1. Yes, It really does affect sleep and we do our best to be a close knit family which is hard to do when you're hidden away. You had a boxer too? How neat! Sorry to hear he passed. Gretta is my first boxer and the first of our short nose pups. You're right they never lose that puppy spirit! There will always be a boxer in our home.

  2. Really great post, and in a way I can relate to Chloie. My room has always been my personal sanctuary, but yes, it is nice to step out every once in a while. Haha :) Your new lamp is gorgeous and your fur baby is just the cutest! I wish they could all live up to 100 human years.

    1. Aww well thank you Adi! Yeah I think it's the same for Chloie too. Especially since she doesn't share a room with her little sister anymore. And wouldn't that be nice if our pets could live longer? *sigh*


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