Christmas Details


 Hello Friends!

 I have huge plans to post on here a great deal more and while I am determined to stick to that, with the holidays here it all went out the window. Furthermore I'm having a really hard time believing that it's almost Christmas! Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden I'm smack in the middle of the holiday rush and I am completely unprepared. And while I applaud all the women who are completely on it with their many blog postings and Instagram picts I am so far behind dare I say it's been like 1 1/2 weeks since I washed my hair. Yeah I'm not proud of that one. Don't get me wrong I take baths regularly but washing hair is a whole day process for me. THANKFULLY a perk to being on Accutane (It's also a curse) my hair never gets oily. It stays perfectly fluffy even a week later...

My past few weeks have been filled with sooo many doctors apts. Dentist apts, Eye apts, Dermatologist apts, Physical therapy apts.... just so many appointments. Regrettably Accutane has greatly affected my overall health. I'm experiencing a larger number of headaches lately and it's been a lot of back and forth of finding what will safely work for me. Next up a neurologist! More appointments! Yea!??  I was prone to tension migraines before all of this so it's my great hope that I can get botox shots in my head (I'm open to anything at this point) to relax my muscles. Hopefully they will also tell me I'm in good health otherwise. (The hypochondriac in me needs to know this lol!)

Sooooo back to Christmas and the holidays, with all this on my plate I've been waaay behind on life in general. Last year I was totally on top of everything. I finished shopping before December even started. That left me plenty of time to focus on the fun activities I usually do with my family. This year however I still have shopping to do, presents to wrap, crafted gifts to make, gifts to build, and holiday activities to do with the girls. It's been an especially challenging week with Jedidiah out of town with schooling for work. Great timing Jed... I am so thankful he is back and the girls are finally out of school for the year. I feel that alone will greatly help. So the question I keep asking myself is, can do all of this in 6 days? I think so. I feel a personal challenge coming on.

And while this month has been terrible busy I am thankful I stopped to make time for the little things that were important to the girls. This past Wednesday Chloie and Piper decorated gingerbread houses. I made it extra special and set the whole thing up in the living room and we watched Christmas movies. Usually this would create a terrible mess but much to my surprise it was all contained and the girls did well too keep it on the table...phew!

How are your holidays going? Hopefully much better than mine. Do you have any special family traditions? I over heard a woman in Target telling her boyfriend that each year her family finds each other a pickle gift. Whether it was an ornament or a sweater with a pickle on it, it had to be something with pickles! Haha I thought that was a pretty fun tradition. Makes me want to start our own unique one. Well Merry Christmas Lovelies!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. What lovely houses! I LOVE making gingerbread houses, but this year my husband's sisters had a Thanksgiving gingerbread house making party, so we didn't do any for Christmas. I love how colorful both of them are.
    I'm hoping by now you're feeling better from all the accutane aftereffects!

    1. Thank you! Oh how interesting, to do them at Thanksgiving. Hope it was fun. I'd like to say I'm 100% better with Accutane results but alas I still have my good and bad days. More good than bad thankfully and I'm learning that when I have a bad day not to take anything the next day to make the rest of the week better. One day at a time I keep telling myself. But prayers are always greatly appreciated ♥


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