Portland: Part 4


I love this signature look of his. Cracks me up every time!
Jed just loves to take picts of me when I'm asking for the camera back...

This is the last part of my Portland anniversary vacation . And I realize that some of this vacation didn't 100% take place in Portland but eh most of it did.

Anyhoo, last time I was talking about one of my favorite spots we visited in Oregon. The beach in these photos is Cannon Beach. I have to say this beach is amazing! And this coming from someone who isn't wild about going to the beach. We came at a perfect time, having the beach mostly to ourselves. It was overcast but the weather stayed comfortable. I wish we had gotten here sooner in the day cause I could have spent hours wandering around. We lucked out and came during low tide and got to enjoy all of the tide pools further out. I couldn't get over how many muscle shells there were and they covered most ever rock surface. The rock pools were filled with sea anemones and large star fish. Many of them piled on top of each other. We even saw a stranded jelly fish. What I loved most about this area was seeing forest surrounding the entire area. Not a building in sight aside from the light house in the foggy distance.

Back in Portland we ate at ¿Por Que No? This place was recommended to us by friends and WOW is this place AMAZING! Colorado Springs NEEDS to open a restaurant!!! The first time we tried to go here it was packed out the door with a line around the corner. It was insane! So we tried to go days later and lucked out with only a small line ahead of us. I can't express how amazing the food was. Jed and I had to refrain from licking out plates. We even debated on ordering more food but realized how badly we would regret that later lol! If you are ever in Portland you need to eat there.

Across the street from there was an awesome mural. I wish it hadn't been facing harsh lighting cause I totally would have done an outfit shoot over there. I love how busy it was. There was so much to look at.

The last photos are of a garden we visited (it wasn't worth mentioning) and from our plane ride home I took that killer shot of Mt. Hood.

Take Care & Enjoy,


  1. What gorgeous photos! Portland is such a beautiful place; I really want to visit, since I live close enough to make it a day trip(I live in Washington, and it's not that far of a drive!). It looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely take a drive down there sometime. It's worth the look see. Washington is a wonderful place too! We went there last year for our anniversary and had a blast. I've officially dubbed Washington as my top desired place to live in all the US! Some day perhaps, till then Colorado isn't too shabby. :-)

    2. I think it might become our next day or weekend trip!
      And I think Washington is pretty great, myself! Of course, I grew up here so I'm prejudiced, but I have lived in a few other states, and WA just seems to have the best scenery and weather year round, so y'know. I like it! Colorado is definitely gorgeous, too, though!

    3. I can't argue with you there! Washington takes the cake for beauty! It's the perfect blend of forest and ocean with Canada just above!


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