Portland: Part 3


Of all the places we visited in Oregon, Astoria and the beaches along that way were by far my most favorite part of our trip. If I were to visit Oregon again (and I certainly plan to) I would be more than content to spend all of my time on the coast. It was far less crowded and so much more to my nature liking. The further away from the city we got the more the trees grew and the thicker the forest became.

Astoria is a beautiful ocean side town full of so much character. For me, the largest reason I came to this little town was because I am a huge Goonies fan. Yep, as a kid all of my friends would hate coming over and watching movies with me cause I usually wanted to watch Goonies (my second choice was Short Circuit or Crocodile Dundee). And not only did I overly watch the movie but I was also horrible about wording out everything I had come to memorize. I never gave much thought about Astoria being a real place, so you can imaging how wildly excited I was to hear from Jedidiah that we were going to visit there. The house in the photos is the actual house that Mikey lived in. The view was incredible! From their home you could hear sea lions so after clicking some photos we went to investigate where they were. Like most of our trips we only make a sort of rough draft when it comes to plans. It's really fun to wander and come across things you weren't anticipating on seeing. On this occasion we found our way to a small and narrow pier that let to a restaurant/ museum. This place was so beautiful. I could have spent all day in just this one spot taking photos like a crazy tourist. I'm pretty sure I even saw a few people staring at us in all our posing. LOL!

As we left Astoria we stopped at the beach Goonies was filmed, Cannon Beach. I had anticipated this was to be my last post of my Portland series but I realized that I had a lot more photos I wanted to share and I didn't want to cram them all into one post. So stay tuned for the final part 4!

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  1. Rich and I love to watch The Goonies too! We have not been that far North in years. If you like less people and more trees you should come visit Southern Oregon and Crater Lake. Northwestern Oregon is where all the people are. We are just of bunch of country hicks down here in the South. LOL

    1. I will have to remember that next time we're in Oregon. We had considered going to Crater Lake but when we realized it was too far away we decided against it. It looks enchanting there. We are definitely more country than city folks.

  2. I SO want to visit Astoria and see The Goonies house! My husband and I love that movie! And Astoria itself just looks gorgeous.

    1. It's definitely a place to go if you love small foggy forest towns filled with character! The bridge I took in the photos is HUGE and goes across the water to Washington. The Goonies house is beautiful and perfectly located on a hill over looking the ocean. Among that you can find the museum Mickey's dad worked at, the restaurant that Chunk is in at the beginning of the movie, and tons of old buildings. I can't wait to go back and spend more time there.


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