Plaid, Jeans, & Family Walks



Have you noticed the growing trend of plaids and a few other modern takes of the 90's grunge style popping up lately? I wasn't thrilled that they recreated anything from this era. For me plaid brought back memories of a younger and very awkward 14yr old. I had no sense of style and spent my days with my grandmother & her friends cause I didn't fit in with kids my own age. You could argue what does this have to do with clothing, its JUST clothing?! But for me, it seemed to remind me of a time when I was lost and didn't know where I fit into the world. It's funny cause I actually LOVED my plaid shirts. They were my comfort blankets. I would wear them so much the cuffs would wear thin till they made holes that I loved to lace my fingers in. It should be a nostalgic memory but it was mostly clouded with others emotions.

If you haven't noticed, I'm an over thinker so when this plaid trend starting growing I got annoyed. Why on earth would anyone wear this crap!? And then my mind would spin in all different directions till I wasn't even thinking about clothes anymore. Haha but as does happen with so many fashion trends, they start to break you down. And before I knew it I was obsessing over this new style! At a random trip to Ross I found this lovely top for $8.95 (Woohoo!) It's so soft! I told Chloie I'm just going to try it on.... it went home with me of course. I have a new out look on plaid and even combat like boots! But it does still remind me of a more awkward self (Which is really hard to believe there was a time I was more awkward than I am now). Does anyone else over think trivial things like this? Or perhaps it's just me. However I will say I draw the line at EVER wearing overalls again! Never AGAIN!!!

Oh and how amazing are these glasses? I'm completely wild about them! Bonlook makes such fun glasses. Wish they'd make a red pair too.

On another note, I love this nature center! It's conveniently just around the corner from me. I blog about it all the time. It's a beautiful wetland area but with that said, during the summer it can get pretty over run with gnats and other pesky bugs, making it no fun to visit. Once fall comes around I try to take the kids there whenever we can. It's also a fantastic place to take photos of course. Like most trips there it's not complete till we take a few action shots, which the girls simply love! It's also a grand excuse for them to be especially jumpy, wiggly, and crazy.

Glasses: Bonlook  Earrings: Etsy  Top: Ross (similar)  Jeans: Forever21  Boots: Forever21  

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. I feel that way about jeans; they remind me of a time when I was chubby and very self-conscious about being bigger than all of my friends, and trying to lead on an almost-relationship that went nowhere and just ended up breaking my heart. I do wear jeans occasionally because my husband likes them, but... yeah. I guess that isn't really a trend, it's just a clothing item. I love this plaid shirt on you! Its much more sophisticated and pretty than the 90's plaid in my mind. And those glasses are adorable!

    1. I completely understand! I feel kinda weird about wearing jeans too. Only on the coldest of days! And thank you! I'm really digging my glasses and plaid top too.


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