Gretta & Buffy: My Furry Babies


Gretta loves to look out the front door... and of course bark at anything that moves.
Buffy is quieter, mostly. Here she is barking at a toy Gretta is playing with.

This is her watching me, anticipating me grabbing her toy

It seems this past year cats have been such a huge thing. You see them everywhere. Clothes, decor, and photos galore (Ha I didn't mean to make that rhyme)! But I will be the first to admit that I don't like cats. At all! But in fairness I'm allergic to them. The funny thing is I think all cats know that and find humor in jumping on my lap and curling around my legs. My girls love them too. Sadly (not really) we will never own one. I do however love dogs! Sometimes I feel like a little kid every time I see one. I just want to run up to the owner and ask to pet their dog (okay I almost always do that). I especially love photographing my two furry babies, as I like to affectionately call them. Their personalities are so completely different. Gretta our Boxer is loud but kind. Gentle to everyone but a complete drama queen. She is often called a wookie with the noise she makes. Buffy our Boston Terrier is quiet but also a spitfire, watch out she could pounce on you! She's easily spooked but quick to forgive. I think I will always own some sort of smushie nosed breed. Their snorts, snoring, and even gas can be very comical. Are you an animal lover? What sort of pets do you have?

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