Photo Sunday!


Today's "Photo Sunday"...
come from my own back yard!

 As I said this weeks photo is from my own backyard. Yea! This summer we spent ALL our free time here. Even my soap production slowed down because of it. Eek! So because we are finally done I am extremely excited to share what's been stealing us away from everyone.

For those of you who haven't been in our backyard, it was once a desolate waste land where only the weeds lived. Not a single bush, tree, patch of grass, patio, or decoration started here. It use to remind me of an old western film where that one song would play as a tumble weed went by... and there actually were tumble weeds! So I hope you enjoyed sharing a piece of the woman behind the soap!

Next week I'll be sharing with you how to make some fun fall decorations as well as sharing some new and upcoming products!

Take Care & Enjoy!


  1. It looks wonderful! I bet your little ones are thrilled with such a lovely place to play.

  2. Oh yes! They love it. We've always dreamed of having a safe place for the kiddos to play. It's a relief to finally have it done! Sadly our story doesn't end there. The work has only just begun. Next project is making me a proper work shop for my soap business! Yea!

  3. What a great yard! New follower from the Coffee Break!


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