Tucking your seeds into bed?


Have your supplies ready
Dampen your Carton
Fill your sections half way with soil

One of my lovely assistants

Making labels

Planting our seeds

Such cute little hands!

You can't deny how fun this cheap little craft is!

Almost done!

We decided to do a quick spray before adding the last layer of soil

Ready to grow!

Awww Spring is in the air. And nothing says spring like planting veggies & herbs. Today's craft was made with the help of my two wonderful girls. Where most kids get bedtime stories, tonight my girls got a bedtime craft!


- Cardboard egg carton
- Potting soil
- Seeds
- Spray bottle
- Popsicle sticks
- A pen
- A spoon ( or just your hands)


This is such a fun and easy craft to do in your spare time. Why cardboard egg carts? Well not only do you re-recycle an already recycled paper but when it's ready to be planted in a larger pot you can STILL continue to use them... but we will get into that more when our plants begin to sprout.

Part One:

Get 6 Popsicle sticks and break each in half. You should now have 12 halves. Label each with the name of what you plan on planting. (don't worry about making them super fancy. In the second part of this tutorial I will show you some fun ways to make labels.)

Part Two:

1. Start by ripping the top of an egg carton off and using the bottom (where the eggs once sat) to plant your seeds in.

2. Using your spray bottle, spray your egg carton with water till the entire carton is dampened but not soggy or puddly.

3. Next using a spoon or your hands,  fill your carton sections half way with soil. Leave room to add seeds and a top layer of soil.

4. Lightly spray your first layer of soil with water.

5. Add your seeds. Only a few per section. Then label each as you go so you don't forget what herb or plant is what.

6. After all your seeds have been added and labeled, top with the second half of your soil. 

7. Spray your plants again with water, but do not drown them


Keep seeds in a well lit area and away from any cold drafts. Mist plants with spray bottle often. Do not drown your plants just keep soil lightly moist.

Don't just limit it to herbs. You can also do this with veggies, fruit, and flowers!

This project is fantastic to get the kids into. It can even make them more eager to try new foods knowing they helped grow the herbs!

These supplies are very cheap. The carton was (with eggs) $1.50, the seeds about 4 for a $1 (walmart or dollar tree), soil $1-5 depending on size (dollar tree has soil) Spray bottle $1(dollar tree or walmart) Popsicle sticks - any craft store, mine were $1

Later I will show you what you can do with your plants once they have begun sprouting... Look for part two to this tutorial in about 7-10 days!

Hope you Enjoy!


  1. You have very cute assistants! That is a great craft. Kids love doing things with dirt and seeing plants grow.

  2. Thank you! We are quite the craft lovin family! Plus there's nothing more rewarding than eating what you grow


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