All Natural Fruit Roll Ups


This is the fruit I used in my first batch. Beautiful isn't it!

Lightly simmering and starting to reduce some.

Ready to put in the oven!

With so many snacks out there loaded with sugar and questionable ingredients it's hard finding something healthy, tasty, AND convenient to eat.This recipe is 100% all natural and 100% tasty.


- 1 to 1 1/2 flat fresh strawberries (about 48 oz) - Chopped
- 2 cups Apple Sauce (Or like in the picture 1 basket of Blackberries)
- 3 TB Organic Honey
- 1/2 a Lemon - Squeezed


1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees F. Or if your oven is like mine 170 degrees (at that temp it just requires a little bit more attention)

2. In a blender, processor, or mashed by hand, add lemon juice, fruit, and honey. Puree till completely smooth.

3. Add pureed fruit to a cooking pot and cook on med heat till it begins to boil. Then reduce heat to low and cook for about 20-45min. Till thickened, and reduced some. (Be sure to stir often. We don't want to burn the fruit)

4. While the fruit cooks prep two cookie sheets with parchment paper. (I very lightly sprayed my pans first with a bit of pam. I find that it helps the sheet from sliding around.

5. Once your fruit has thickened, equally distribute your fruit mix onto the two cookie sheets. I used a measuring cup to make it more even. Your fruit should be evenly spread out on the sheet making sure that the fruit on the sheet isn't thin in any places. (it makes it impossible to peel later when you're eating it) You can give it a gentle shake back and forth on the counter to even and distribute it more.

6. Place the cookie sheets in the oven for about 8 - 10hrs. at 150 or 170 degrees. Keep oven on for 35 min then turn the oven off. Do NOT open the oven. Allow to sit for about an hour then repeat this process again and again till fruit has become tacky to touch. Allow to completely cool. Best to sit for several hours. Then cut them in desired sizes and roll up! Store in air tight container.

Not thrilled about all the on and off from the oven? Honestly a few of my batches I forgot the fruit and turning the oven off when I was suppose to. You can also just allow your fruit to cook for about 5-6hrs straight or till tacky to touch. Just be sure to check on your fruit as to not over cook it and make it brittle.


- This recipe is endless! The measurements really depend on how much you want to make. Just be sure each cookie sheet is filled with a nice amount, not being too thin

- Try using canned, fresh or frozen fruit. 

- Raspberries, bananas, nectarines, apricots, apple sauce, cherries, mangos, you name it! Add cinnamon, cloves, or your favorite for extra spice!

- Vegan? Sub the honey for Agave Nectar, Raw sugar, or no sugar at all.

- Did you cook your fruit too long and now it's become a bit brittle? It's possible it can be saved! Carefully trim the ends where it's the most brittle. Then wet your hands (don't pour on) and rub them lightly over the fruit evenly moistening the fruit. Then allow to dry. Cut and store as suggested above. You might even be able to use a water bottle. Just mist lightly. (I used my hands). This saved an earlier batch of mine.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. That looks really yummy! We have a food dehydrator that I might use instead of the oven. I made raisins in it last fall and it worked really good.

  2. Your fruit roll-ups are great. Just like the ones I use to eat as a kid.

  3. Oh I would love a dehydrator. And thank you. This recipe will also transfer to work with that too. These fruit roll ups are so tasty and guilt free. Our girls and us just love them. If you try it let me know how it goes for you.


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