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Have you ever tried to get something done but no matter how many times you tried to work on it, something, everything got in your way? I feel like that has been the theme to my life lately. A series of unfinished projects & chores, unwashed hair, errands (so many errands) and all the commitments that come with the holiday rush.

Since having Isla, I'm still trying to balance 3 kids, a child I watch daily, and still have a life for myself. Isla is actually an easy baby for the most part but often wants to be held standing up. Yep we are in that stage. It's actually quite comical despite the frustration. I sit down she starts to cry so I stand up and she is calm. This pattern will repeat over and over if I fight it. We are confident she is in the early stages of teething and needs extra comfort. I'm actually holding her right now, thankfully she is asleep or I wouldn't be able to type. I will point out that typing with one hand is no fun.

Not long ago, eShakti contacted me to do a review on their clothing. I own a couple of their dresses and am excited to finally collaborate with them. If you haven't heard of their company, they are a unique online store that specializes in custom fit clothing. It's actually quite genius! Most dresses can be altered to your personal taste, adjusting their length, sleeve and bust style. They also will sew their dresses to fit your body perfectly. Although I did alter the length on this dress (I prefer my dresses just above my knees) I regret that I didn't get a custom fit to my body this time. After having a baby I don't exactly know what my new measurements are and for the life of me I couldn't find my measuring tape... You can see this dress was a bit large on me in the waist but I can alter that later. I love how comfortable this dress is. It's a mid weight cotton stretch fabric that is fantastic for winter.

 I chose this particular dress because it has a button up bust, perfect for breastfeeding. There is also a banded backing making it adjust so nicely after eating a full meal. I'm all about wearing clothing that is both stylish and practical. What I find most impressive about their site, is how quickly their turn around is for custom items.

 You might have noticed that my backgrounds changed. I wasn't quite sure I liked the first location and decided to change to another. I ultimately liked the first. Haha Thank goodness my husband (for the most part) is a patient man.

Oh and can we take a minute to appreciate these pincurls (sponge curls that is)?! I have naturally curly/frizzy hair which makes brushing pincurls difficult. It is such a struggle to tame this hair into a reasonable acceptable style but I'll consider this day a win. In person and online everyone asked if I had cut it. The answer is no, my hair just holds pincurls very tight despite these being quite a large roller.

Because I am so behind, I have a ton of photos to go through. I know, I know,  I sound like a very broken record but eventually I will move past this loop I'm stuck in.

Outfit Details:
Dress: eShakti
Brooch: SheIn (Old)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (ModCloth, similar)

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather


  1. So good to see your beautiful face in the blog-o-sphere! I bet it's a challenge to take a breath without a child at your heels so it's fun to see you pop up here! I am obsessed with your hair - great work with those pin curls! I'm green with envy!

  2. You are so stunning - inside and out!


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