15 Weeks Down, 24 More to Go!


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already heard the news. We're having a baby! I'm 15 weeks and 3 days today. I've been hesitant to share this news, which is silly because I love following pregnant mamas on their journey. But a part of me stressed over my baby's health, another part of me worried how others would react, would my blog suffer? I know I'm looking into this way to much but in my scrambled pregnant brain it's all I could think of. Aside from my children, and brother, who was living with us for a few months, no one knew. Jedidiah has been bursting at the seams for quite some time. I think not sharing with his parents was killing him. I got him to agree to wait till we were done with the first trimester and here we are!

I'm excited to embrace this pregnancy. My last two I didn't share those months and I have very few photos of me pregnant. I regret that but with this one I look forward to documenting my progress and experimenting with pregnancy fashion. Speaking about past pregnancies, I did manage to find two photos from Piper's pregnancy. I didn't have a digital camera with Chloie, I was also just barely 18 and unsure of how I felt about being a teen mom. In the first photo I'm 17wks and in the second I'm about 8 months. I almost never smiled in photos back then. I went for more a serious look. I also wasn't into fashion like I am today nor did I know a thing about photography.

This is also why I've been MIA more than usual. As I mentioned in my post before last, the second biggest reason I've been absent was because I was sick. The first reason was because I was pregnant and feeling drained. All this bad weather has made the roads and sidewalks extremely icy. I've come close to slipping several times and it slowed my outfit posts down.

Anyhoo, moving on to this wonderful dress. Not long ago Karina Dresses contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying one of their dresses. I'll be honest I didn't feel their dresses were quite my style but I agreed to give them a try. Upon opening my package, I still didn't feel confident I'd like my dress. Much to my surprise I DID end up loving it!!!

Their site boasts that their dresses are easy to wear and will flatter any woman's shape. While I cannot speak for every woman, I will say I was pleasantly surprised with how flattering this dress was, even with my little baby bump. It's made of a microfiber, spandex like material and has a lot of stretch. I'm hopeful this will fit through a good portion of my pregnancy. It is unlined, and thin (bare that in mind when choosing frilly undergarments). I worried it would show my underwear patterns but it seems to hide them. I argue it would have been nice if they lined the bottom half. I think thin dresses are always nicer lined.

This particular dress style is called Ruby and comes in several patterns and colors. It's sleeveless (LOVE that) and has an attached sash that you can wrap and tie as you like. I wrapped mine around me twice so I didn't have very long pieces in the front. My verdict? While mine arrived with some flaws, I would definitely consider buying from them in the near future. I do wish the bottom was lined and that their dresses were mildly shorter (that's just a personal preference). Their prices are steep but considering they are made in the USA vs over seas is a big plus to me. I'm hoping to convince my husband to let me invest in at least one more dress. Check out their website and consider giving them a try! I think you might be pleasantly surprised too.

Outfit Roundup:

Cardigan: ModCloth (Similar here & here)
Dress: c/o  Karina Dresses
Shoes: ModCloth (Chelsea Crew) Similar here
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar here)

Take Care & Enjoy!
♥ Heather

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  1. This is such a cute dress and even more fun that you're pregnant in it! I can't imagine your blog would suffer at all; people love pregnant ladies and people love you!!! XO


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