What I Wore: Gnomes & Plaid


I'm a bit behind posting this shoot. I took these back in December but with the holiday rush, I just didn't get a chance to edit and post them till now. But as promised, I'm determined to make this a good year and blog more often. I feel really good about 2015, although I am something of an optimist about most things. I think its a good quality to have, even though things don't always turn out as I hope, staying positive or having hope just makes me a happier person! What kind of person are you? Optimist or pessimist?

Anyhoo, looking back on these photos I'm pretty surprised at how composed I look. I didn't move much and I wish I had a bit more photo variety but it was HORRIBLY cold this day. A whopping 5 degrees. I got up that morning set with what I wanted to wear and usually when I know what I want to wear it's hard for me to stray without adding another 45min of planning. I swear I'm the worst when it comes to getting dressed. THE WORST. I should add that to my goals: Get dressed in under 2 hrs (seriously for me that would be epic). So when Jedidiah told me it was going to be cold I did consider changing then said cold be damned! LOL! Instead I opted for lots of layers. Only when I got outside I was shocked at how cold it really was. Thankfully Jedidiah was a good sport and let me drag him into the yard for a quick few photos. My skirt did however turn out a lot more orange than it truly is. Although my hair is actually that orange more or less depending on the day. This skirt is more a muted orange but still as lovely.

What did we do with the rest of our day? We went to Ikea! I've now been there 3 times in the last month. We've been working on a playroom/ hangout spot for the girls. It was one of their Christmas presents and wow was it hard keeping them out of the basement. We told them there was a pipe leak and we had to tear out the walls. LOL! I didn't want to tell them anything but Piper kept questioning us and we didn't want to ruin the surprise. Thankfully she bought it and was over the moon when she finally saw our progress. They both were. We still have a lot more to do but I'm so very pleased with the progress. I'll be sharing photos soon.

Cardigan: Modcloth (or F21) Top: Target  Brooch: Jesiiii  Skirt: Etsy - FleetCollection (or their website)  Shoes: Liliana (Similar)

Take Care & Enjoy,


PS: I apologize for how terribly fuzzy my photos seem to appear, again. If you click on each photo, they are crisp. I can't seem to figure out why blogger has some days that it blurs my photos and other days that it doesn't. Especially when I haven't changed my photo size or anything from the last post where images were crisper. There is no reasoning! AARG, sorry venting. If anyone has any information on this please let me know cause asking google anything is like asking for a million dollars.


  1. Love your outfit, especially the shoes! And bravo for taking pictures in 5 degree weather! I just opted not to do an outfit post because I didn't want to go out in the single digit weather lol. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the play room, as well!

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey!! Haha yea it was pretty darn chilly, I'm pretty sure I'm crazy but in truth I don't mind the cold too much. Oh and details to come on the playroom. I'm still working on it and still waiting on some things I had to order. But it's coming together nicely!


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