Capture 365: Days 13-19


Day 13: 365: Piper is pretty passionate about two things right now. My Little Pony's and Frozen. Here she is holding her new Anna doll that she very much loves.

Day 14: 365: I use to photograph these two all the time and then stopped for some reason. I've decided to make more of an effort to capture my beautiful babies more. Here Gretta is stopping in the middle of play for an apparently much needed grooming. She's always grooming Buffy.

Day 15: 365: Walls of candy from one of our favorite local haunts, Goldminers Nuts & Candy. This place is not only affordable but full of all the classics. Yum!

Day 16: 365: Ahh Chloie, this beauty has been like trying to capture a unicorn or photograph the loch ness monster lately. She's either never there or always a blur. On one of our quick random drives I encouraged her to dress up and borrow my scarf. She looked so cute. It's a shame it started to snow too heavily to take any decent photos.

Day 17: 365:  I like not having to layer so much in the summer but I truly love seeing everything in a blanket of snow.

Day 18: 365: This is the little cutie pie I've been watching since she was just a wee newborn. She's quite possibly the perfect baby. I've never cared for an easier infant. If I could keep her all for myself I totally would, I love her to bits! She just turned 1 years old.

Day 19: 365: We've been having some unusually nice weather here and there this year. So we decided to take the girls for a quick trip to the park before it got too cold and dark. This is Chloie with her best friend Teresa.

Take Care & Enjoy,
Heather ♥


  1. I love looking through all of your 365 pictures! Gosh, your girls are just SO beautiful. And I love how bright and colorful your photography style is!

    1. Aww thank you! I'm so happy to hear that! I've really made a huge effort to photograph daily again. It's been a challenge but I look forward to seeing how I improve throughout the year. I suppose bright and colorful seems to be a theme for me lol! I'm totally drawn to it! 😊


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