Portland: Part 1


I recently celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary! Yea! I feel like that is such a big deal now a days. Don't you? Jedidiah and I have been so blessed with a wonderful marriage that only gets better with each passing year. This year we decided to go to Portland. We both (thankfully) are more into the exploring and the foresty mountain scene than just laying on a tropical beach like a couple of lazy buns. I personally don't like the beach. I know I'm crazy. I love to see the beach or wander on the sand but to put a bikini on, lay down and tan in the sun...no thank you! I'd die of boredom. Okay rambling!

Anyhoo, our first day was pretty much a wash. We didn't sleep at all the day or night before, so when we arrived we went straight to the hotel and crashed. We did however enjoy a quick 30 min stop at the Saturday market. I was quite surprised with how hot it was. I didn't expect the northern coast to be so warm in September, as hot as 95°F. With the day ending, we tried this amazing restaurant, Laughing Planet! I was wildly pleased with how healthy everything was. It was like a vegan/allergy friendly Chipotle. If it was possible I would have ordered the whole menu. Everything sounded tasty. We were very satisfied with their food. I'd love to take the kiddos here. They had dinosaurs you could play with and the whole place is busy with things to look at.

Next on our list to try was Stumptown Coffee, conveniently located right down the way from Laughing Planet! It was perfect. Several people I know recommended them and they did not disappoint. It was a refreshing change from the coffee we drink in Colorado.

More photos and about our Portland visit next time!

Take Care & Enjoy,
♥ Heather Gwinn


  1. Wow, happy eleventh anniversary! (late, haha!) That's so amazing! I love hearing of couples who have been married for 10+ years, it's so encouraging especially when you hear about divorce so often. I'm looking forward to being married for that long and longer! And I love the photos and adventure you're sharing!

    1. Thanks! I'm always excited to share my adventures & photography with others. I love hearing about successful marriages too! It's so rare now a days. 11yrs married, 15yrs strong! Yea! Each year gets better than the last. Best of wishes for a long and happy marriage to you too!


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