Finding Lost Marbles


I follow several amazing blogs that are both fun to read and very inspiring. Something I find often through out them are the things they collect. I'm not much for "collecting" things per say, as I don't like clutter. I collect clothes, I have enough craft supplies to start a small craft store, and I have a nice collection of chicky romance novels, but to just collect something? No, I haven't done that since I was a child. Then today I came across a lone marble sitting on my coffee table and I realized I do collect something! Marbles! For some unknown reason I keep finding them everywhere! In the car, the backyard, and all through out the house in the strangest of places. I'm going to guess these were once my girls but after a while I started collecting them. I now have a small jar of marbles that grow weekly. Some day I hope to find a beautiful clear jar to better display them. Do you collect something? If so, what? How did you start collecting them?

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