Hidden Pumpkin Patch - Bar Soap


Hidden Pumpkin Patch - Bar Soap

 Hidden deep in the woods far from town an eerie pumpkin patch grows. Glowing under the full moon, blanketed in a spiced mist these sweet pumpkins grow to unusually large sizes.

The Aroma: Slightly sweetened pumpkin flesh wrapped in a warm bed of cinnamon & cloves stuffed with nutmeg, a pinch of vanilla, and filled to the brim with autumn air.

The Experience: Moisturize your skin with the spicy warmth of pureed pumpkin and shea butter. Your skin will glow with the silky feel of bentonite clay and pumpkin seed oil. As a eerie dash of sugar draw in the dewy night air.

I'm behind putting up these lovely photos. It's been a very busy holiday season. But I'm grateful and certainly not complaining. This lovely soap is limited and may only be around through the winter season so be sure to snag one before they are gone!

Available on our official website & Etsy.

Photos by: Heather Gwinn

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