Deluxe Cucumber Sandwiches


This is probably the tastiest and easiest vegetarian sandwich you could ever make! It has become quite the favorite around our house.


Veggie Toppings:

- Romaine (or lettuce)
- Tomatoes - Sliced
- Cucumbers - Sliced
- Banana Peppers (Optional)
- Clover Sprouts (they're a bit better)


- 3 Avocados (Mashed)
- 1 Packet of Guacamole Mix
- 1 Lemon Wedge (Very Small Piece, squeezed)
- 2-3 Spoon Full of Salsa ( I use homemade salsa)

- Cream Cheese - Softened
- Sliced Bread (or your choice of bread)
- Red Wine Vinegar 
- Salt and Pepper to Taste.


1. In a med mixing bowl, peel and mash avocados. Do not discard pits! Set them aside. Add guacamole mix, lemon juice, and salsa. Mix well. Depending on your avocado size add more salsa to taste. Set aside.

2. Wash, slice, and prep your veggies. Soften cream cheese, till it's spreadable.

3. Add cream cheese to one slice of bread. Guacamole to the other. Then add your veggies in the middle. Add your vinegar last,  just before you eat your sandwich to avoid any soggy sammies.

Notes/ Tips:

The way I make my guacamole will be crowed pleasing. Especially if you use a homemade salsa... But I'll share that another time or email me. 

Remember your saved avocado pit? Did you know that lemons aren't the only thing that can help preserve your guacamole from getting brown! Strange as it might seem the pit of an avocado can help extend the life of your guac and keep that ugly brown layer away! I didn't believe it either but it works, You will go from 1 day of green guac to 3-4 days! Remember to store it well too.

Take Care & Enjoy!

Photo by: Heather Gwinn

P.S.  I know I said we were going to do a craft next but it got pushed back till next posting. Sorry


  1. I just love getting all of these neat recipes and also crafts to do. I would love to get more of them especially with the Holidays coming soon. My kids would love doing a craft or making cookies with me. Thank you for all of your wonderful insight and helpful ideas.

  2. We love cucumbers! Those sandwiches sound so good. Also, thanks for the tip on using the pit to preseve the guac! Who would of thunk!lol

  3. Jennifer, I have a ton of recipes to share! Many are fall related too! I tends to become quite the baking nut this time of year! How are you kiddos?

    Elena, glad you like the tip. I thought my mom was crazy when she told me. But I've found it to work so well I never make one with out adding a pit!

  4. Please do share!
    Im a vegatarian too and so is my 8 year old daughter :) I cant wait to start baking the pumpkin squashes and crock-pottin-it!
    Notice I dont have any Home Sprays that smell like
    Scent-fully yours,

  5. Mmm I just love baking this time of year! I get an itch just when the season starts to turn. Especially ANYTHING pumpkin! If you like this recipe you'll love several I have to come! Thanks for stopping by!


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