Spring Gardening


These babies grow fast and the aroma alone is wonderful!   

Hi Everyone! A few weeks back I showed you how to start your own garden and the fun we had making ours. Now I'm going to show you our progress and how to plant them.

Our supplies

These have really sprouted up a lot over the last few days!

Separating the plants into sections

Removing the bottoms and putting slits on the sides

In it's hole and ready to cover with a light layer of soil

All done!


- A planting pot. (mine is 16" in diameter)
- Potting soil ( I chose an organic veggie friendly soil)
- Scissors
- Your ready to plant herbs or whatever your growing
- Water


1. Start by filling your pot with soil. Depending on your size pot, leave about three inches of space from the top. Or about 1-2 inches if your pot is smaller. 

2. Next lightly water your plants so they will stay put and not fall apart when you move them. 

3. Carefully cut each plant section out from the egg crate, like shown in the picture. Once all your plants have been separated arrange where you want to put each plant in your pot.

4. Dig a small hole for each plant. Depending on the size of your plant probably no more than 1-3 inches deep. Your bag of seeds may also tell you how deep to plant them.

5. One at a time, carefully cut the bottom of each plant section like show in the pictures. Be mindful not to cut any roots. Then without allowing the plant to fall out cut a side vertically too. This will allow the plant to grow without any difficulty. Now put that plant into the soil and lightly cover. You can remove them from the egg crate pods but I didn't because it's great compost for the plants and will help retain moisture for the plants as they continue to grow.

6. Continue to do the same for all your remaining plants. Then gently water your new sprouts and place them in a sunny spot. Water daily or as needed.

Tomorrow I'll show you how to make cute labels for your new herb or plant garden! Then later on I'll show you how ours are growing and some tasty recipes to use our herbs in!

Take Care and Enjoy,

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