Natural Candle Center Piece


Today we'll be making this lovely harvest candle display. It's super easy to make and here's how to do it:

What you'll Need:
  • Large Clear Vase
  • Small Clear Vase ( This must fit in large one with plenty of room around it)
  • Tea light or Votive Candle
  • Assorted Dried Beans (Many colors and sizes available)
  • Twigs (look around your yard)
  • Twine
  • Raffia
  • Two Beads
  • Acorn (or button, dried fruit slices, charm...)
Tools Needed:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers (or break twigs by hand)
  • Tape
  • Plate or Tray

Start by Trimming your twigs. This can get messy so use a plate or tray. Be careful of your eyes and flying pieces! Your twigs can be evenly sized or just eyeball it (That's what I did)

Next get your twine. Measure two pieces of twine the width of your large vase then add about 6-10 in extra length on both sides to leave room for tying later. Next tape off the section being covered in twigs (this way you don't over glue too much of your twine).  Make both pieces parallel to each other and about 1 1/2 - 2 in. apart (depending on the size of your twigs, mine are about 3 1/2 in. long) Then start adding glue to your twine one twig at a time! Glue lightly and be mindful of not gluing your piece to the surface! Spacing is great too! It lets the color behind it show through!

This is what your wrap will look like finished!

My two Vases. My smaller one I've added beans to. I left just enough room for my candle to sit on top (Having one vase inside the other will allow you to change out your candle and be safer against fires)

I've added my candle to the smaller vase now

Starting to fill. I put moss on the bottom because my vase sunk to the bottom with just the beans. This made a cushy pad for the smaller vase to sit on.

Almost done! You can layer yours however you desire.

Finished filling! Make sure to leave a bit of head room on top so your candle is a bit higher than you safety!

Close up of candle top.

Now is the time to wrap your twigs around the vase (twine on the inside is what I did) Knot and cut the strings off the bottom piece like shown. Then add a bit of glue to secure it. Lastly add a twig over it to fill your piece in. This twig will be a bit shorter.

Lastly, I wrapped some green raffia around the twig for extra support and color. I tied it in a knot then combined the twine and raffia together to make a bow. I glued the center for an extra bit of support then added an acorn in the center. Then I finished it by adding a bead to each twine piece. To hold it in place I added a dot of glue...but a knot would work as well.

Note: This is an easy project to do. So many things can be changed out for others. Try using ribbon or yarn. The beans I used are split peas, black beans, lintel beans, and coffee beans (those give a great fragrance too) You could also use small dried red peppers, rice, or any grain. Adding powdered cinnamon and clove can give your candle an added splash of fragrance too!  This is also a fairly cheap craft. I purchased everything from walmart. The large vase was $3 the small $1. Raffia and Twine I had laying around but is only a few dollars.

Please leave any comments or questions you might have!

Hope you Enjoy!
Heather Gwinn

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